Back on track

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in 2013…. time flies when you’re dealing with … well, stuff. Lots and lots of ‘stuff’.

First, my 8.5 (‘A’) YO switched dentists and we uncovered almost $500 worth of work to be done. Several filling had to be replaced and a tooth had to be pulled (with a spacer inserted). I did avoid a root canal and I declined 4 sealants. All work has been completed and A is back to normal. We’ve been doing daily CLO and BO, raw milk and trying to cut back his carb intake. He’s being surprisingly cooperative but it’s still not easy..

Everyone else is fine. No major things to deal with other than every day grind. DH is remodeling the basement which means more dust than normal and less time on weekends.

I’ve had a bit of a setback this week. I caught a UTI and could not get rid of it without antibiotics. I should be done by Sunday. I’ve been doing this routine: probiotic in the am (Custom Probiotics), antibiotic, kefired milk/cream, antibiotic, CP in the evening. I do not take them within 2 hours of each other. I hope I can mitigate some of the damage…

I’m also redoing intro and going back on full GAPS, starting on Memorial Day weekend. DH and both boys will be out of the country for just over 2 weeks which is perfect timing. My inlaws will keep the boys over the entire summer, giving DH and I a much needed break. I’m going to do a strict 2-3 week intro, then a stricter-than-before full GAPS, before I transition off GAPS, by the book this time.

I plan to accomplish several things:

1. Get back to basics – I’ve been neglecting soups and stews and they are such a great way to eat more broth and vegetables.
2. Eat more vegetables – ’nuff said.
3. Get rid of all the symptoms that disappeared on GAPS but slowly crept back in – I hope this time they move away permanently. None were too severe but I won’t be sad to see them go.

I hope to post more soon on my prep and ideas for early stage recipes. Have a great week!

So disappointed…

I had everything planned out… food was prepared, I had ideas for soups, etc. And I could barely make it a week. Darn…. I always tell people to do what they can and add more in little steps as they are able. I guess I could use some of my own advice right about now….

I think I have to take a hard look at all my responsibilities right now. I work full time which means away from home for almost 10 hours a day. I have 2 kids with two very different sets of needs: one is 2 years old and a dynamo and the other is a 7.5 2nd grader. DH often gets home close to 8pm which means he is no help in cooking, cleaning or helping out with the kids. By the time he gets home they’re fed and washed. DH likes to go out to eat on Fridays and after a whole week of making breakfasts, lunches for school/work, lunch for G so the nanny can feed him, dinners at home, etc. I’m ready to have a break. All of this just doesn’t jive well with intro….

So I did the best I could. I had broth every day, I did my probiotic and FCLO in the mornings. I had simple legal teas with fresh ginger. I juiced on the weekend and did a GAPS shake. I made nut bread. And there are still things I did not do!! It’s just too much at this point… I think I had some die-off which means I still have issues to heal (some dizziness and nausea plus some gas even though I had no illegal sugar).

So I’m off intro for now and I’m getting back to doing full GAPS ‘right’. No illegals, especially sugar. I’m getting ready to order a bunch of sausage for breakfasts and I’m going to get some GAPS legal bacon. I still have almost a gallon of broth made so I’m going to have at least a cup a day – no exceptions. I’m still going to do FCLO and probiotic in the morning, but if I can’t I’ll take it in the pm. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty structured and include only intro-legal items anyway. I’ve been craving chocolate but I’m going to hold off for a bit longer to introduce it back.

Food diary
B: 3 Applegate hot dogs with mustard and butter, sourdough pancakes with butter, tea with honey (forgot ginger)
L: lettuce wraps (ham, turkey, cheese, tomato, cucumber) dipped in mayo, SK, kefir, tangerine
D: roasted chicken with juices and fat sauteed with cauliflower and green beans (additional butter), CP in water

The wraps were good but did not satisfy. I think I need something with more fat in it and it’s hard to do that in a sandwich. I’m going to go back to warm lunches for now. Besides neither the turkey nor ham were GAPS legal.

Update next day
I’m doing much better today. I got some perspective on what I did and I’m ready to move forward.

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs with sausage, sourdough pancakes with butter, tea with ginger and honey
L: kefir, handful of almonds, ground beef casserole with fresh basil, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, red SK, water
D: crockpot beef rib meat with sauce, green beans, fresh mushrooms, water, Ghirardelli square (I know, Iknow…)

I had some dizziness and nausea this afternoon. Could be because I had kefir on an empty stomach for lunch and I had quite a bit of SK with lunch (G couldn’t get enough of it – he’s got a cold). I took a nap and I feel a bit better. I’m not going to make any decisions now but I’m going to continue with GAPS the best way I can. Right now I feel well but I know there is more healing to come. I’ve been on GAPS for a year now and I can see myself doing another year and maybe adding some more advanced foods (potatoes, lentils). On we go!!

Intro – stage 4, day 2

Food diary (yesterday)
B: sausage, pancakes with butter, scrambled eggs
L: broth, kefir, few almonds, roasted chicken with sauteed zucchini, tea with honey
D: cheese dip with chicken, shrimp, beef and pico de gallo, unsweet tea

Food diary (today)
B: CP in water, FCLO, scrambled eggs with bacon (not GAPS legal), sausage, pancakes with butter
L: broth, kefir, avocado with tomato and EVOO, few almonds

I blew it… I think. We went out last night and I didn’t realize I couldn’t have raw veggies yet (stage 5). I only had about 1-2 tbsp in all so maybe it’s not bad. I didn’t experience any bad effects, either. And I didn’t even have one bite of the Ghirardelli chocolate cake! We went out today again (for lunch) but I was prepared. I had my broth and guacamole and didn’t sample the dessert.This is really hard!! I miss my GAPS-legal chocolate and fruit. I’m going to give myself a few more days of intro, then try to add all the things I was doing before (one at a time, of course). Then I plan on adding white beans and lentils and eventually potatoes.

This weekend I’m going to make the nut bread and make some juice. I have kefired cream and I plan to get some good eggs so I can make the GAPS milkshakes. I made some beef ribs in a crockpot (tons of good fat and sauce) and I’m making my ground beef casserole (onions, garlic, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, squash, ground beef, broth, spices, fresh parsley). I love this simple recipe and you can change it up by adding different veggies, spices and herbs.

Update 9pm next day
Yep, yet another day gone. Weekends are crazy around here! I should not have even attempted to do daily posts. Anyhow, I made my casserole and cleaned up the ribs. I put the leftover fat, bones and gristle and made broth on that. I’m planning to make some beef veggie soup with that. I have 2 quarts of sauce from the ribs (made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and parsley). I probably have a quart or so of beef from the ribs. I made the sourdough pancakes and they turned out good (much better with butter and a bit of honey). I made some juice tonight (maybe 2 cups?) with carrots, celery, lettuce, apple, cucumber and ginger. Very tasty! I cheated some more tonight… we went to a Thai place and I had a coconut chicken soup and larb salad (made with beef). I think all that was legal! I had some raw cabbage – probably not the best idea. Then I had some dessert: pancake, crepe and ice cream. Few bites of each… soooo goooood….. I think I’m officially off intro. I’m going to have some broth tonight and be back on schedule tomorrow. I’ve been doing my probiotic and FCLO in the mornings. I’m doing basic teas with ginger. Breakfasts and lunches are intro-legal. It’s just going out that’s hurting me… and only on intro.

I’m a bit disappointed but realistic. I’m going to run a summary tomorrow. For tonight I’m pretty tired.

Intro – stage 4, day 1

Few notes about yesterday: I had a few bites of kale chips on Tuesday night and finished them off last night. I also had a tall glass of broth before bed. Totally hit the spot.

Food diary
B: 2+ scrambled eggs in ghee with boiled sausage, 3 pancakes with butter, peppermint tea with ginger and honey
L: borscht, 1/2 avocado with EVOO and salt, red SK, kefir, chamomile tea with ginger and honey, 5 almonds (soaked)
D: sauteed pork chops, mushrooms with ghee, creamed spinach, veggie soup, PB with butter and honey

As you can see I added EVOO to my diet now. I do have some roasted chicken at home but may not add that until tomorrow (have other plans for dinner tonight). I did remember my probiotic and FCLO this morning. I think starting tomorrow I may increase my probiotic to adult spoon and see what happens.

Update 10:15pm
I ‘went’ this afternoon so I think I’m back to my daily BM’s. I did eat 5 almonds at work – got really hungry. I made sure I chewed them really well. Dinner was nice, especially the soup. I’m really going to try and have  broth at least twice a day…I’m feeling really tired. I had a few sips of kefir tonight. Off to bed…

Intro – stage 3, day 2

First, a couple of notes on yesterday. I feel really guilty for cheating… fortunately, it did not seem to have any ill effects (no burping, tummy ache, cramps, etc.). I’m really surprised that the enema didn’t work. I really hope I can go today by myself since I’m pretty much back to my ‘normal’ diet: with avocado, kefir, etc. Also, I did get nauseous after eating the butter/honey yesterday – I guess it was too much, too soon. I normally eat 1-2 tbsp of butter with any given meal but I guess after being on intro for a few days, I needed to slow down… point taken.

I totally blew it this morning. I forgot my FCLO and my probiotic. I really need to get those 2 things back in the routine. I am feeling well this morning, so hopefully this will continue during the entire day!!

Food diary
B: 2 Applegate beef hot dogs with mustard, 3 pancakes with butter, peppermint/ginger tea with honey
L: borscht, 1/2 avocado with salt, SK, kefir, hibiscus/licorice tea with ginger and honey
D: fried eggs, spinach with butter (and a tiny bit of sour cream – commercial Daisy brand), chamomile tea with ginger and honey

Update 4:30
I’m hungry!! Definitely not enough food…. I ate about a tbsp of coconut butter and a tsp of honey. I’m headed home!! I’m feeling tired. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I haven’t ‘gone’…

Update 8:30
I pooped!! Woo hoo!! Effortlessly and just enough. Nicely formed. Okay, enough details… Dinner was awesome! Tomorrow I’m moving on to stage 4. I plan to have some roasted chicken. I’m leaving juicing and nut bread for the weekend. I’ve never made nut bread so it will be a nice change. I’m going to take some FCLO tonight and hopefully remember tomorrow!

Intro – day 3

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, 3 eggs (2 scrambled in ghee and coconut oil, 1 soft boiled and cut into the scrambled eggs), 2 pancakes with butter, 1 tbsp avocado, chamomile/ginger tea with honey
L: meatballs, zucchini, green beans in broth and tomato sauce, 1 tbsp avocado, kefir, pickle juice, peppermint tea with ginger and honey
D: broth with kale and sausage (some spices there), 1/3 avocado

The eggs tasted so good this morning! So did the pancakes. I hope I didn’t overdo.. I probably did the first two days but I was afraid of keeping too long on early stages since I’m breastfeeding. If I don’t have BM today, I’ll have to do an enema tonight… maybe the avocado will help. I did cheat a bit: the tomato sauce was not homemade and it did have spices in it (garlic, basil) and olive oil so that may not be legal on this stage. It was in glass and did  not have any GAPS illegal ingredients. I probably added 1-2 tbsp. I’m going to do fermented fish on the weekend (if I find some fresh fish to ferment). Same for juicing. This stage is really my favorite. My breakfasts and lunches have pretty much been like stage 3/4 of intro for a long time now – I just haven’t included much broth in them. I really need to keep that up. I’m thinking of making my lunch either a soup or taking an extra thermos with broth if it’s not soup I’m having.

Oh, I went back to FCLO this morning. My tooth was starting to bother me again so I took a tsp of FCLO.

I’m thinking a detox bath tonight might do me good. I’m not sure how I’ll manage it – I like to put my two boys into one to give me 20 min of ‘me time’ (they’re 2 and 7.5). Maybe I can jump in after they’re done… I’m planning to roast 1/2 a chicken tonight (hopefully I can finish the boiled chicken for dinner) and cook some spinach for the boys for tomorrow (technically it should be legal for me, too).

Update 3pm
Ate my soup for lunch – yummy! I didn’t have avocado yet.. I did drink my kefir and had my tea. I drank a few spoons of pickle juice before lunch. I had a small BM but not much.

Update 4:30pm
I’m going to have avocado tonight instead of now… I did scarf down about 2 tbsp of butter (KerryGold) with scant tsp of honey. Yum! Totally satisfied my sweet craving. Not hungry at all…

Update 9:50pm
Did cheat a bit… had some kale chips and 1 wing (lemon pepper). I also tried to do an enema and not much came out (still hard) and then it started leaking! It’s like I was all stuffed up and no more water could go in. But none came out, either!! I’m going to post on this because if I don’t go tomorrow, there will be another enema in my future…. Another day of stage 3 tomorrow. Good night.

Intro, day two

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, veggie soup with lard and raw egg yolk, hibiscus licorice tea with honey and ginger
L: veggie soup with lard and meatballs and raw egg yolk, cold chicken with ghee and mayo, soft boiled egg, kefir (dripped), peppermint tea with ginger
D: salmon and broccoli in broth with ghee, boiled carrots with ghee and honey, water

More of the same today… I should mention that I did use the stalks of broccoli in my soup but I peeled them (they are very soft inside) and these were young stalks to start with. I am using mayo already (egg, lemon juice, salt, extra light olive oil) since I didn’t have any issues with it before. Ideally this mayo should be made with EVOO and I have also made it with coconut oil, EVOO and sesame oil (turns out very mild flavored) but this is what works for me. I’m also introducing kefir already as my second probiotic. I dripped it to get whey to make my SK so it’s a bit thick – almost like cottage cheese. YUM!! I patiently waited till my soup got cooler then added the egg yolk. I added some boiled green beans to my soup (they were boiled in water so while not ideal I figured they were still legal on intro).

I thought I’d mention some details about my ingredients. The chicken is organic from Whole Foods. I usually have a whole pastured chicken in my freezer but not currently. The ground beef is local and grassfed. Ghee is store-bought – I love the Purity Farms and they have the WAPF seal of approval. Very yellow and delicious!! Lard is local and pastured. Other than bok choy and green beans, all veggies were organic. Green beans were frozen – all other veggies fresh. Eggs are store-bought (from a neighboring state – very good flavor and pretty orange yolks) but the eggs for raw egg yolks are local and pastured (they are 4.49 a dozen so I only buy them once in a while). Kefir was made from low-temp pasteurized non-homogenized milk. Honey is raw though not local this time (I bought it from Azure). Once I start going to my local market for veggies, I’ll buy local raw honey there.

Update 11am
Got hungry so I ate one of the soft boiled eggs with salt. I then had 2 tsp of kefir. I can’t believe how good I feel!! I’m about to make another tea – probably peppermint – with fresh ginger. It’s freezing in the office!!

Update 1:25pm
Just had my soup with meatballs and egg yolk. Delicious!! I’m going to nibble the 1/4 cup of kefir I have with me and see what happens. I’ve been drinking about a cup of kefir every day for months now. It never brought on die-off for me. Right now I feel sated and happy.

Update 3:15pm
Got hungry again. I had the boiled chicken (cold) with mayo. Not the best but very satisfying. I’m going to leave the carrots with ghee and honey for an after-dinner treat tonight. I really don’t want to microwave them at work 😦 I finished my kefir after lunch.. it usually makes me ‘go’ but so far nothing…

Update 9pm
I boiled some broccoli and salmon in broth (separately). Ate that with some ghee and drank water. I then warmed up the boiled carrots with some ghee and honey. I felt pretty good, a bit tired but no nausea or dizziness and I felt full, not hungry. I did get a slight tummyache but nothing to worry about. Still no BM…

Intro, take two…

and action!! I took the plunge and started intro today. It’s been tough – very, very tough. I feel fine, though, so I’m pushing through. I give myself 2 weeks to finish.

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, veggie soup (chicken stock, carrots, onions, broccoli, bok choy, zucchini, garlic) with about 1 tsp ghee, boiled carrots with ghee and honey, ginger tea with honey
L: salmon cooked in broth with ghee, bok choy cooked in broth, broth in a cup, 1 tsp SK, peppermint tea with honey
D: veggie soup, boiled chicken with ghee, chamomile tea with honey

Soup was pretty good. I went ahead and added ghee since I already did my 6 week trial with no dairy then reintroduced per Dr NCM’s suggestions. Ginger tea was made using fresh ginger but peppermint and chamomile were tea bags. I hate boiled chicken!! The only way for me to eat it is cold with ghee or mayo. I was not hungry and surprisingly didn’t crave chocolate (I ate the carrots with ghee and honey to satisfy the sweet craving I had after breakfast). It was a bit tough with the boys eating chocolate croissants and me cooking bacon for breakfasts during the week but I got through okay. On we go!!

I’m scared….

I know, I know… I already did it once. And it wasn’t bad, not really. My tastes came to life, I began to appreciate simple food…. and yet I’m scared of doing it again.

Of course I’m talking about intro – the often dreaded introduction part of GAPS. I have been on GAPS for almost a year now and did intro once, back in July. Not the best time of the year, mind you, as fresh fruit and all sorts of veggies were in season. I survived and made great strides. I only had one episode of feeling nauseous, had no major die-off and only had to do enemas for a week or two. I began to enjoy simple soups once again and expanded my GAPS repertoire even more. So why in the world am I scared of doing it again??

The usual, of course: feeding different things to my family while I eat soup, temptation of cheating, die-off, constipation, preparation… let’s address them one by one and hopefully I can talk myself into doing intro again (plan is to start this weekend).

Non-GAPS family. Maybe your entire family is on GAPS. If so, good for you!! Of course it probably means you’re chained to your kitchen and cooking in vats LOL On the other hand it’s nice to have support. Even in this situation you may find some members on intro while others can enjoy full GAPS items. I happen to be the lonely GAPSter in my family. This means there are plenty of illegals around. Lately I’ve been indulging in bites of rice (jasmine), some potatoes (organic Yukon golds) and of course my beloved chocolate (mostly GAPS legal but I do allow myself some that’s not). None of these have resulted in much of anything (I find bits of sugar – even 2 or 3g give me gas). Just a few months ago a few bites of starch would give me a stomachache. I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning (I’m nursing a 2 year old – nuff said) with a stomachache and cramps. Now I seem to be fine which hopefully means I have healed some. The gas is still a mystery to me. I kept thinking it was candida but now I’m not so sure… I’m still limiting fruit to 1 serving a day, honey to 1 tbsp a day and nuts to either one baked good or 5-10 almonds or 1-2 tbsp of nut butter. My best advice to myself (and others) is to take it one meal at a time and make sure to eat plenty of fat to satisfy the hunger. In the worst case I’m going to have ghee with honey (I’m keeping dairy in the intro as I did my no-dairy trial and came out okay).

Temptation. I guess I addressed some in the bullet point above. I’m going to make plenty of flavorful food for me to have, including honey-and-butter-glazed carrots as a snack (and sweet treat) which should minimize the urge to cheat. I’m looking forward to having some comforting soups…

Die-off. There is always the possibility that I will be miserable for a week. When I first did intro, I only had one bad day with some dizziness and mild nausea. Otherwise it went well!! So this is really a moot point. I can always back off probiotics, I know all about eating plenty of carbs and fat to keep you satisfied, etc. Knowledge is the best ammunition here.

Constipation. This is a big one and many suffer from it, especially on intro. I did the first time. The good news is I now own an enema kit and know how to use it. In the worst case I will be using it once a day for a week or two. Hopefully with keeping dairy in this time around I can avoid the big C.

Preparation. Again, knowledge is key. I have read and re-read this amazing post. And yet another one. I even posted a few ideas here a while back. Right now I have about a gallon of stock, frozen, frozen pureed squash (couple of varieties), frozen veggies and some pate. I also have SK, kimchee, pickle juice and probiotics (CP). If you add eggs (I have a source for local pastured eggs), avocadoes (I’ve been eating 1/2 an avo daily for months now) and pancakes (just made a batch last night – just 3 ingredients, so good for intro), I’m set for the first week!! Oh, yeah, I also boiled some meatballs last week so I have those frozen, too. I plan to use some frozen wild salmon in my soup as well. Am I ready or what??

Okay, I think I have convinced myself. I’m ready. I’m going to start some more broth on Friday night and jump right into intro Saturday morning. Hopefully the worst die-off will be on the weekend!

Food diary
B: eggs scrambled in ghee, sausage with all the fat, pancakes with butter, black tea with honey
L: hamburger with ketchup, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, red SK, diluted coffee with honey and Primal creamer
D: roasted chicken, green beans in bacon grease, chocolate-covered strawberries (not GAPS legal as I made one batch for everyone and my family doesn’t care for dark chocolate)

The grindstone that is GAPS… and a recipe!!

Wow, another month has gone by… I would really like to get by to daily updates but at this point I’d be happy with having some time weekly to write. I just don’t!! Anywho, here’s an update..

I’m still on GAPS, full GAPS, and contemplating redoing intro (I did it once in July). I’m hoping to start this weekend (Monday the latest). I’m really stalling because it will mean cooking something for me and something else for the family but I have been doing that for lunch anyway so it shouldn’t be that much more work, if any. I’m keeping my food very simple, especially during the week. My breakfasts are a combo of any of these: eggs, pancakes, butter and meat (sausage, bacon, ham). Lunches are a few favorites: borscht, crockpot beef or pork with veggies, eggplant/squash/ground beef casserole. I have avocado, kefir/cream and SK with whatever I have for lunch. Snacks are crispy almonds, fruit (lately tangerines and grapefruit) and occasionally something sweet (lately peanut butter chocolate candy). I drink water, tea (green, white, fruit or herbal, with honey and fresh ginger) and coffee (I order half decaf and then dilute with water 50% and add coconut milk/cream creamer and sweeten with honey). I only use 1 tsp or less per cup. Dinners are whatever I cook for everyone else, sans starch. DH has been cutting his carbs to 50-100g per day so he’s been eating less potatoes/rice/noodles than usual.

I have not been doing any supplements as a rule. I have some calcium/magnesium capsules that I’m trying to finish and some l-forget-what now to help with sugar cravings. I’m trying to get back to taking FCLO but it’s been hard. I’ve quit any probiotics (other than food) until I do intro again.

I went out to lunch last week to a pretty nice steakhouse-type restaurant (job-related so I didn’t have to pay). I had a grilled trout with roasted winter veggies. I loved the veggies so much, I recreated the recipe at home and it was great!!

Roasted winter veggies
2 turnips, medium sized
1 small butternut squash
1 small red onion
6-7 brussel sprouts
3 medium red potatoes (optional)

Peel turnips and cut into cubes (size depends on you – I did 1/2″). Peel and cube butternut squash, onion and potatoes in a similar manner. Cut brussel sprouts in quarters. Toss with salt, pepper and melted fat of choice (I did a combo of lard and bacon fat). Sprinkle with vinegar (I did red vinegar – and should have done more of it – but I really wanted balsamic. I was out…). Baked in 425F till soft. I found all my veggies were ready after 40 min or so but the potatoes. I wound up fishing them out and cooking them by themselves for 10-15 minutes longer. Lesson learned. I usually don’t eat turnips and brussel sprouts AT ALL but these were delicious!! I bought all veggies organic and they were expensive ($10 for 3-4 servings) and I think you could go conventional on all but potatoes (they’re in the dirty dozen and are really advanced for GAPS anyway so you could skip them). DH hasn’t tried these yet though he said they look good. I got A to try a couple of cubes of turnip and squash with his potatoes – success!!

A has been doing well. He’s been eating his lunches and has (for the most part) trying some veggies at home without (much) protest. OTOH G has been giving me fits – he’s 2, after all!! He’s been getting into sweets and carby things and not eating his lunches/dinners well. I’m going to have to tell the nanny to watch him and not to give in. His BMs have not been great the last few weeks and he’s been crankier than usual.

DH has been doing well. He’s been looking at what he eats and keeping his carbs under 100g. I make his lunch 3-4 times a week and he has not been hungry. I notice the munchies hit him when at home in the evenings so I’ve been trying to steer him towards nuts and boiled eggs and such, and not carby, sweet things.

We’ve been eating out weekly and I’ve been doing okay. Not great, but okay. I have treated myself to a few tortilla chips and a cheese stick. Otherwise I stick to meat and veggies. I had an awesome sausage lentil soup at an Italian place and it didn’t seem to give me any problems. After I do intro I’m going to makes some sprouted lentils with salmon and see how that goes.

I’ll write more later this week as I gather my stuff and get ready for intro!!

Update 8:50pm
DH liked the veggies! He asked what the ‘orange thing’ was and I told him butternut squash. He ate it and said ‘I didn’t even know I liked it!’ G didn’t eat anything, despite several offers. I gave him nothing from the pantry which resulted in whining and crying. Since he took no nap today, he crashed at 7:30 but still fought sleep till the end. He woke up at 8:30 and went back to sleep. This should be an interesting night….