About me

I’m a 30-something mother of 2 boys. Both were born at home and are vaccine-free. My older one is almost 7 and about to finish first grade. My younger one is 15 months and lucky to be home with a nanny during the day. I work outside the home as a data analyst and balance that job with being a mom, wife and housekeeper.

I live in Atlanta, GA and consider myself a native Southener. I was born in Poland and grew up there until I was a teenager. I’ve been married to DH for 10 years – he is originally from the Czech Republic.

I’m an avid reader and researcher. I love learning about nutrition, health and everything related to those 2 topics. I’m currently following the full GAPS diet and plan to do intro later this year. I am constantly learning and upgrading our diet. I’m discovering new sources of local food and simply ‘doing the best I can’. I hope to share my journey with you. Let’s learn something new!


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