On the Whole30

I can’t believe it’s been a month already!! Things got so crazy… With both the kids and DH leaving right after school ended and my hectic days at work, it’s no wonder I had no time to write.

I’ve been enjoying almost 2 weeks of being by my lonesome and doing stuff around the house. And I get to cook WHATEVER I want. Of course, only if it’s allowed on the Whole30. I actually started on 5/23, vs the original 5/17 start date. I have since cleaned out the pantry and refrigerator and gotten back to simple lunches and dinners. Lately I’ve been enjoying my Italian hodge-podge: combo of cooked meat (roasted pork but any meat will do), boiled wax beans, sauteed squash and zucchini, marinara sauce and some sliced olives on top. I’ve even incorporated some anchovies and capers into this concoction – delish!!

I can’t believe I’ve had no honey, sugar or chocolate for almost 2 weeks!! It hasn’t been easy but I’ve adapted. I’ve even avoided snacking on sweet things or putting dates in my coffee creamer. I’ve done coffee (though not every day) – originally with coconut milk creamer, then bulletproof (with ghee and CO) and I finally settled on almond milk creamer. This is definitely the best – I use this recipe.

I have not experienced any surge in energy or better sleep, sad to say. I’m still hoping it will happen… I’m also going to start incorporating some supplements (astaxanthin, K2 and magnesium). We’ll see if this helps…

See you soon…

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