Prepping for the Whole 30

The countdown has begun. I begin the Whole 30 one week from this Saturday.

In a way, I find the Whole 30 harder than GAPS. You can have no sweeteners at all – not even honey. No dairy is also going to be a bit hard. I will be doing a Primal coffee creamer or the ultimate Paleo coffee. I have done the former, not the latter. I also have cinnamon and vanilla powder ready (no regular vanilla extract since it’s in alcohol). If I get really adventurous, I may even add some peppermint extract (I have the Frontier organic brand which is in oil – I’d love to use the orange extract but alas, it’s in alcohol too).

Here are some ideas I’m toying around with for each meal. I’m going to try very hard not to snack at all:

Breakfast: similar fare to what I’m already eating like eggs, sausage, bacon (the sugar free kind from US Wellness Meats), veggies like tomato or cucumber and avocado. I usually do a green tea in the morning but I may skip that as I really don’t care for it without any sweetener. I’m considering doing a cup of broth or Paleo coffee instead.

Lunch:  I’m currently doing salads 4-5 times a week so I may stick with that (I found a great local source of amazing lettuce). Leftovers are always an option. I also have several cans of sardines and tuna that I need to use up…

Dinner: simple affair of protein, fat and veg. I’m hoping to use up the tons of ground beef I have in the freezer as well as odds and ends I already have cooked up and frozen.

Some other staples I have on hand:

fats: local lard, ghee (I will try making my own this summer), coconut oil (both virgin and expeller-pressed). No butter for a while…

condiments: fish sauce, mustard (with no wine or sugar), ketchup (I’ll be making this version), salsa (I found a great tasting one at Costco – my local one has some sugar in it, unfortunately), dressings (I’ve been making my own ranch, blue cheese and Caesar – the blue is out but the others will do nicely; I’m also going to experiment with a citrus vinaigrette).

This is exciting! And a little scary but since I’ve already done the GAPS intro, twice, this should not be that much harder….

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