Whole 30

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the summer and the opportunity to be kid-free for 7 weeks (that includes 3 weeks without a husband as well!). I already have a list of what I plan to accomplish, including cooking up some foods for the freezer. I was also planning on redoing intro while DH was away. I’ve decided it’s too much for me to tackle right now and honestly I don’t feel I need it. Instead, I’ll be doing something called the Whole 30 (http://www.whole30.com/). I feel like this is really a better fit for me. Other than 1 lunch a week plus 1-2 dinners a week, all my food is home-prepared. I eat mostly organic produce, pastured eggs, grassfed and pastured meats, etc. I’m mostly grain free and completely gluten free. I simply want to refocus on eating more whole foods, especially vegetables, and utilize more seasonal produce in my meals. I’m excited!!

I’m taking inspiration from Michelle over at NomNomPaleo and her beautiful photography (http://nomnompaleo.com/post/42057515329/the-round-up-30-days-of-whole30-recipes). Her recipes are awesome.

I don’t think I’m going to plan a whole lot this time around. I will try to get rid of temptation foods before I begin (umm… tortilla chips, anyone?) and make sure I have the building blocks and essentials on hand. I plan to shop at the farmer’s market weekly to have plenty of seasonal produce and fruit around. That is all for now!

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