Review: Cuisinart Green Gourmet skillet

I’ve been using this skillet for almost a year now. Mine doesn’t come with a cover but I’m pretty sure it’s the same one.

The good: it is almost like a nonstick. Some things like eggs will stick if you don’t add enough fat or cook over a high heat. Hasn’t been a problem with me! I drown my eggs in ghee and like them soft so I usually cook them over a low to medium heat. Most foods do not stick and I don’t have to use a ton of fat (not an issue for me, anyway!). It cooks evenly and browns nicely. Handle stays cool most of the time, but if you use high heat on a large burner, it will get pretty warm.

The bad: there are some nicks on the surface already. The surface is supposed to be ceramic and you can theoretically use metal (I usually use a wooden spoon) so I’m not sure about it now…

The bottom line: I’ll use it until more nicks appear and I may try another product then. I’m going to order the 8″ pan and see how it goes. If I see nicks on that one, I’m returning it (I’m pretty sure it’s too late for this pan). I’ve been pretty happy so far with the performance and I use the pan every day. I have substituted cast iron with this pan so I may go back to cast iron and use it half the time and this pan half the time. Even if I have to toss the pan after another year, it’s not a bad value for $40.

One response to “Review: Cuisinart Green Gourmet skillet

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