Fall (or winter.. or anytime!) hash

This might be my first recipe to post on my blog!! Or not… my memory is very bad these days. I’ve been wanting to share this idea for months but things have been hectic and I haven’t been able to blog much. So after much ado, here we go!!

I’ve been using this recipe (more of an idea, really) for months and I love it!! I always cook enough for 2 days of eating and my family doesn’t mind. Most of the time I just reheat the stuff from previous day (on the stove or in the toaster oven) but sometimes I like to do it just a bit differently. With always having leftovers on had, I usually have some form of cooked meat and veggies in the fridge. So I came up with this very simply idea for a hash.

Leftover cooked meat (boiled, roasted, poached, etc.)
Leftover cooked veggies, but into bite size pieces
Leftover sauce or cooking juices (optional)

That’s it!! So easy but soooo good. My favorite so far has been roasted butternut squash (I roast it in cubes with coconut oil and cinnamon), sausage (bratwurst or Italian) and brussel sprouts (roasted or grilled). I put about an equal amount of each of these in a pan with some ghee and heat up with hot. I also love my Italian beef: roasted or boiled beef, green beans and tomato sauce. Chinese also works: chicken (you could saute raw chicken first), then add some fresh garlic and ginger and cut up bok choy. Delicious! More than the ingredients, I love cutting up the food in bite size pieces and sauteeing them till golden brown in pan.

Speaking of pans, I’m going to review this one in my next post.

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