How time flies…

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost 5 months! Things have been hectic, to say the least. I won’t try to catch up on everything or I’d be writing for pages.. and pages. Let’s just start with today.

This is my first day of work this week. Reason? I had 4 patients at home: my boys A (8 years old) and G (almost 3), my hubby and my nephew L (25 years old) who is visiting from Europe for 3 months (he’s going back on 12/22). A is back at school today and L is back to normal, but DH is in bed and G started running a fever again last night so I kept him home today. This is some nasty stuff: fevers of 101 to over 102, tiredness, dizziness (in adults only, it seems), no appetite. G also had some very stinky poops (though fortunately only one a day). I’ve been able to avoid the doctor and use mostly homeopathic remedies though I resorted to PediaSure cold medicine for A (he only got 1/2 a dose – that stuff is VILE!!!) and G got some ibuprofen for kids today (just 2 doses). I feel this is better than antibiotics for 7-10 days!!

I’m still (mosty) on GAPS. My breakfasts and lunches have remained almost 100% GAPS legal but I am eating some starches and grains (mostly some potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice). I have also been eating some sugar (in very, very small amounts) like dark chocolate, bites of desserts here and there, etc. I have added some arrowroot to cooked items for thickening. I have been drinking one cup of coffee a day (split and watered down into 2 coffees, with regular cream – awesome local grassfed non-homogenized low-temp pasteurized stuff!) with no ill effects, it seems.

I’m going to leave the updates at that, for now. I’m hoping to get back to blogging soon, but cannot say when. I have a recipe I’ve been dying to post and a review on an item I’ve been using with great success. Be back soon..

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