I hate it!!!

G is on antibiotics for the first time. He’s almost 2.5 and I hate it!! This is a culmination of him being sick for over 2 weeks, ending with an ear infection and nasty stuff in the throat. His symptoms were unusual so I didn’t recognize an ear infection or I would have treated it differently (garlic oil in ears and more chiro adjustments – he normally gets them weekly, if needed). Lesson learned, definitely. A only had one ear infection around the age of 2. My hope is that by using antibiotics we will get rid of the coughing, sneezing, runny nose and the ear infection and then work on rebuilding and strengthening his immune system. Being in daycare is sure taking a toll and, to add insult to injury, he’s becoming more and more picky so getting good stuff into him is a struggle. Everything is a struggle!! sigh…

I’ve been trying some non-GAPS items with success. I had some lentil soup over the weekend and I did fine. I have not tried rice but had some potatoes and that was okay, too. Small amounts of sugar (less than 10 g) seem to be okay as well. I bought some coconut milk green tea ice cream on Sunday that is heavenly!! I’ve also indulged in some dark chocolate probiotic bars that are amazingly good….

Kids are doing good, overall. A is finishing school this week and has been eating pretty well. G is doing fine, under the circumstances. I’m hoping once he recovers I can load him up with fresh fruit and veggies, kefir, probiotics and SK. I have a half-gallon jar of red SK that should be ready shortly.. can’t wait!! Red SK has definitely become a favorite ferment of mine lately.

Update 5/22 around 11am
Went to the chiro yesterday and sure enough G’s atlas was out to the right (the ear infection is in the right ear). How I hate that he got it on the weekend!! I sent some yogurt to school today mixed with probiotics. Because of the timing of the antibiotics, I can’t give G any good bugs at home (too close to the medicine time). So I’ll have to wait until the medicine is done with (sigh)… His nose is still running pretty badly and he coughs up a storm in the morning. I just found out another kid has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics as well…. man, do they hand it out like candy!! I hate it!!! I wish I could stay home for a week and make G all better without this stuff but I can’t… I just hope I can rebuild his immune system so he can keep healthy around all these runny noses.

Food diaries – 5/21
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, strip of bacon, pancakes with butter
L: borscht with pate, 1/2 avocado, kefired cream, SK, peach, probiotic chocolate bar, coffee with creamer
D: picnic: cold fried chicken, broccoli and green beans with  homemade ranch dressing, peach, few pretzels, kefir smoothie

Food diaries – 5/22
B: eggs over ham with cheese
L: meatballs with spicy tomato sauce, sauteed peppers in lard, 1/2 avocado, kefired cream, red SK, probiotic chocolate bar, coffee with creamer, water
D: baked chicken legs, veggies (peppers? zucchini? green beans?)


One response to “I hate it!!!

  1. Hi! Sorry you had to experience this. I wonder if, next time, giving oregano tea earlhy on would help him. I have never given it to a child that young (because I did not know about it when my kids were tiny) but I have a personal testimony of the healing power of oregano tea, to cure all sorts of ailments (colds, sniffles, sore throats, and basically anything involving viruses or bacteria). Hope he feels better soon! Kudos for rebuilding his bacteria!

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