Do you crockpot?

I have recently gone back to browsing this amazing (and slightly scary) blog:

You guessed it: cooking in the crockpot every day. I manage to use my crockpot once or twice a month and I figured I could use it more if I only found some good recipes. I already use it for applesauce (awesome recipe on the blog above – I skip the sugar and add a touch of honey once the apples have cooled) and chicken stock. I have also crockpotted pork and beef roasts with success. Chicken? Not so much…

Warning to people who love real food: there are some scary things on the website above, including and not limited to Velveeta (ack – who eats that stuff anymore??!!) and other processed items but the recipes are flexible and items can easily be substituted. I tried 2 recipes and they both turned out well. First was honey garlic chicken. This turned out very tasty. I used skinless thighs and drumsticks (saving the skins of my local pastured chickens for crispy pan-fried skins). When the chicken was done, I boiled the sauce in a pan on the stove until thickened. Delicious! My version was actually not GAPS legal (I used wheat free soy sauce and ketchup with sugar) but you can use coconut aminos and GAPS legal ketchup. I also used less honey and soy sauce that the recipe called for.

Next came barbecue pork. I skipped the sugar and Worcestershire sauce. I also used tomato puree and made that into ketchup (adding cider vinegar, honey and spices – this recipe is great). Once the pork was done, I again reduced the sauce on the stove. It turned out quite acidic do I added a bit of honey once it was cool. DH didn’t quite like the flavor but the pork itself is fine so I’ll just save the extra sauce for something else!! I will definitely make the chicken again (maybe tweaking the recipe somewhat). Both kids cleaned out their plates. Not sure about the barbecue pork. Next in line are carnitas. I’m picking up a few things on the store today and putting it in overnight.

I’m by no means done with the website. I already have several more recipes to try: pizza chicken, Korean beef, etc. And there are so many more to browse!! I’m hoping that by doing more things in the crockpot I can cut down on the time spent in the kitchen (especially in the summer when it gets wickedly hot).

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs in ghee with extra butter, sausage patties, pancakes with butter
L: chicken broth with meatballs and carrots, red SK, 1/2 avocado, kefired milk/cream, peanut butter with butter and honey, coffee with Primal creamer
D: crockpot pork with veggies (I have honey carrots, green beans, zucchini, brussel sprouts…wow!)

Update 9:50am next day…
We wound up going out last night: wings and burgers. I had a bunless burger with bacon, cheese, onions and pickles. I stole a few fries and a couple of wings off DH’s plate and had some half sweet/half unsweet tea. I was sure I would feel terrible this morning – but I don’t. I happen to love this restaurant’s burgers (not much else) but we only eat there every 2-3 months…. back to home cooking tonight!


4 responses to “Do you crockpot?

  1. I just discovered your blog and am finding it very helpful. I am getting ready to start GAPs in 2 weeks and am scared and overwhelmed but I know I need to do this. I’ve been putting it off for over a year but as my health continues to diminish despite a strict gluten free diet (dx with celiac disease 2 1/2 years ago) it is becoming more and more apparent that I need to try this. Like you, I have small children and I will be the only one on gaps which must be difficult. Also, I am still breast feeding as so I am nervous about intro being too much for me but I know I need to at least do a quick version. Thanks for so much helpful info!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I am so glad!! My little was turned 2 in January and he is the closest to GAPS in my house. His breakfasts and lunches are pretty much GAPS and he will get some carbs for dinner (potatoes, rice, rice pasta). I find he really doesn’t care for bread much, to his father’s chagrin. It is sooo much easier for little ones to transition – my almost 8 year old is too much into carbs and without DH’s support I just let him be. But my little one loves his veggies and sauerkraut, doesn’t miss carbs much and eats stuff off my plate all the time!! Feel free to ask any questions you want anytime…

  3. My children are 7,5 and 20 months and I can’t even convince them to go gluten free, let alone GAPs (my husband thinks I’m crazy). I keep the baby pretty much gluten free most of the time and will probably do as you are and have her GAPs half way. I’m dreading having to cook separate meals for me and them. How long were you on GAPs before you noticed a difference? I’m also concerned that I’m gonna be starving during intro especially since I’m nursing which gives me such a huge appetite. I’m planning on starting in 2 weeks..what should I do to prepare?

  4. Intro is not recommended during breastfeeding – you can detox into your milk. That being said, I did do intro while I was nursing my then 1.5 year old and he didn’t seem affected. If you do notice changes in your child, you can always switch to full GAPS. As to prep, here is an awesome post to start with:
    And a few more:

    If you search my blog, I have a couple of posts, too, on preparation and recipes.
    As to cooking separate meals, you can always do a meat and vegetable(s) and then add a starch for the rest of the family. I do this all the time. It helps to cook in bulk (such as making a huge pot of soup) and then freezing it, so you always have something ready.

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