Not as well as I thought…

So I’ve been experimenting with non GAPS foods, namely rice, rice noodles (Tinkyada) and potatoes. I have to admit I have not been doing this very scientifically, i.e. slowly, in order, etc. And that may have contributed to my problem. I have experienced some cramps and stomach pains after eating the above. Not very bad, but bad enough where I want to get back to where I didn’t have them… so the starches are out, for now. I’m determined to do more broth and try potatoes in a little while. While I’m eating other healing foods: ferments, eggs, avocadoes, kefired milk/cream, I really have to focus on broth because that is what heals and seals the gut.

Speaking of ferments, I was inspired by this post to experiment: So I set up my own fermented coleslaw: cabbage, carrots and radish tops (I got some beautiful local radishes at the market and the tops looked so fresh, I hated to throw them out – I usually use them in kimchi but my last batch didn’t turn out and I really didn’t want to buy all the extra ingredients to make it). I added caraway and dill as flavorings. I must say it looks and smells great! We’ll see how it turns out.

I’ve been gaining weight – nothing alarming, just a few pounds but I’m noticing that some of my pants don’t fit anymore in the waist. I wonder if I have inflammation due to those starches I’ve been eating. I’ll be watching to see if it goes down after I give them up again.

Food diary
B: Applegate beef hot dogs with mustard, Jack cheese, pancakes with strawberries and butter
L: tomato soup, red SK, 1/2 avocado, kefired cream, coffee with Paleo creamer, apple
D: mix of chicken and pork done in crockpot, green beans, carrots, 1/2 glass red wine, strawberries and bananas with whipped cream – more details to come in next post…


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