Lessons learned…

I’ve been trying to add nonGAPS items to my menu, mainly some potatoes and rice noodles. The potatoes are going over pretty well. I notice no symptoms when adding a small amount of potatoes (so far I’ve tried mashed and homemade French fries in coconut oil). There is no bloating, tummy ache, gas, etc. Good news!

I don’t think rice noodles went over that well… I’ll have to try them again with no other ‘suspicious’ items to see for sure.

I definitely went overboard this weekend. At the Mexican place I did okay: shrimp fajitas with fixings, few bites of refried beans and some chips. No problems. But DH wanted wings last night so I had some, too. With not much else: few fries, few fried mushrooms. Definitely NOT a good idea. I honestly didn’t even enjoy them that much…. and had some tummyaches to follow. I’m totally bloated this morning and can’t button my pants!!

I did make a pizza last night with an almond flour crust and that was heavenly!! I did use some non GAPS legal ham and pepperoni (no nitrites but some sugar with still 0g per serving) and mozzarella but no issues. I honestly don’t think the bloating is due to the cheese (I have been able to handle all cheeses well, even non GAPS ones).

I’ve been battling a sinus infection with neti pot flushes (I did some salt water and probiotics – the probiotic flush almost did me in: the burn!!!). I am much better but plan to continue the flushes (best I can) all this week.

Update on kids… A is doing well. Actually eating his lunches (mostly sandwiches). I’ve started buying some kefir for him (full fat, only 10g of sugar per serving) in funky containers he likes for his snack. Not the best, but I plan to find some neat containers for him so he can start taking homemade kefir soon (he will drink it at home.. most of the time). I’ve gone back to ‘sweet’ breakfasts for him out of convenience (croissants with apples or chocolate, sometimes PB and J on croissant)… I’m going to rethink that. I plan to start giving him some veggies in his sandwiches once spring really kicks in and there are more fresh veggies. He likes to tag along when I go to a local market on Saturday mornings so I may have him pick something out…

G is doing okay, too. He had a new babysitter/nanny last week and continues this week so he’s a bit stressed. He’s been eating soup for lunch (broth!!) and less sweets/carbs, too. Jana takes him outside for long spells so he’s been sleeping during the day. He liked my homemade pizza better than the guys’ standard version!! He’s talking up a storm and even started learning a few letters!! Amazing… (he turned 2 in January).

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs with butter, almond flour pancakes with strawberries and butter
L: ground beef casserole with extra broth and cauliflower, red SK, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, tangerine, PBC bar, coffee with Primal creamer/honey

I took it easy with breakfast (no meat). The pancakes were soaked in kefir and the strawberries are local and organic (from FL; I’m in GA – I consider that local). I made the PBC bars (actually with almonds, not peanuts) for my son but they turned out too wet for his liking. I’m going to make them again and cook them a bit longer. They are delicious to me!! I eat them cold from the fridge.

Update 9:20am next day
D: crockpot beef with gravy (I did use a bit of arrowroot to thicken – it seems I’m okay with that), mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, chai tea with Primal creamer

I slept like a log.. I don’t think G was up at all – he nursed this morning instead. Feeling well. I did notice I’ve gained some weight. I used to be between 105 and 110 but now I’m weighed as much as 112. Not sure if this will continue…. I’ll keep an eye on it.


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