So disappointed…

I had everything planned out… food was prepared, I had ideas for soups, etc. And I could barely make it a week. Darn…. I always tell people to do what they can and add more in little steps as they are able. I guess I could use some of my own advice right about now….

I think I have to take a hard look at all my responsibilities right now. I work full time which means away from home for almost 10 hours a day. I have 2 kids with two very different sets of needs: one is 2 years old and a dynamo and the other is a 7.5 2nd grader. DH often gets home close to 8pm which means he is no help in cooking, cleaning or helping out with the kids. By the time he gets home they’re fed and washed. DH likes to go out to eat on Fridays and after a whole week of making breakfasts, lunches for school/work, lunch for G so the nanny can feed him, dinners at home, etc. I’m ready to have a break. All of this just doesn’t jive well with intro….

So I did the best I could. I had broth every day, I did my probiotic and FCLO in the mornings. I had simple legal teas with fresh ginger. I juiced on the weekend and did a GAPS shake. I made nut bread. And there are still things I did not do!! It’s just too much at this point… I think I had some die-off which means I still have issues to heal (some dizziness and nausea plus some gas even though I had no illegal sugar).

So I’m off intro for now and I’m getting back to doing full GAPS ‘right’. No illegals, especially sugar. I’m getting ready to order a bunch of sausage for breakfasts and I’m going to get some GAPS legal bacon. I still have almost a gallon of broth made so I’m going to have at least a cup a day – no exceptions. I’m still going to do FCLO and probiotic in the morning, but if I can’t I’ll take it in the pm. My breakfasts and lunches are pretty structured and include only intro-legal items anyway. I’ve been craving chocolate but I’m going to hold off for a bit longer to introduce it back.

Food diary
B: 3 Applegate hot dogs with mustard and butter, sourdough pancakes with butter, tea with honey (forgot ginger)
L: lettuce wraps (ham, turkey, cheese, tomato, cucumber) dipped in mayo, SK, kefir, tangerine
D: roasted chicken with juices and fat sauteed with cauliflower and green beans (additional butter), CP in water

The wraps were good but did not satisfy. I think I need something with more fat in it and it’s hard to do that in a sandwich. I’m going to go back to warm lunches for now. Besides neither the turkey nor ham were GAPS legal.

Update next day
I’m doing much better today. I got some perspective on what I did and I’m ready to move forward.

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs with sausage, sourdough pancakes with butter, tea with ginger and honey
L: kefir, handful of almonds, ground beef casserole with fresh basil, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, red SK, water
D: crockpot beef rib meat with sauce, green beans, fresh mushrooms, water, Ghirardelli square (I know, Iknow…)

I had some dizziness and nausea this afternoon. Could be because I had kefir on an empty stomach for lunch and I had quite a bit of SK with lunch (G couldn’t get enough of it – he’s got a cold). I took a nap and I feel a bit better. I’m not going to make any decisions now but I’m going to continue with GAPS the best way I can. Right now I feel well but I know there is more healing to come. I’ve been on GAPS for a year now and I can see myself doing another year and maybe adding some more advanced foods (potatoes, lentils). On we go!!


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