Intro – stage 4, day 1

Few notes about yesterday: I had a few bites of kale chips on Tuesday night and finished them off last night. I also had a tall glass of broth before bed. Totally hit the spot.

Food diary
B: 2+ scrambled eggs in ghee with boiled sausage, 3 pancakes with butter, peppermint tea with ginger and honey
L: borscht, 1/2 avocado with EVOO and salt, red SK, kefir, chamomile tea with ginger and honey, 5 almonds (soaked)
D: sauteed pork chops, mushrooms with ghee, creamed spinach, veggie soup, PB with butter and honey

As you can see I added EVOO to my diet now. I do have some roasted chicken at home but may not add that until tomorrow (have other plans for dinner tonight). I did remember my probiotic and FCLO this morning. I think starting tomorrow I may increase my probiotic to adult spoon and see what happens.

Update 10:15pm
I ‘went’ this afternoon so I think I’m back to my daily BM’s. I did eat 5 almonds at work – got really hungry. I made sure I chewed them really well. Dinner was nice, especially the soup. I’m really going to try and have  broth at least twice a day…I’m feeling really tired. I had a few sips of kefir tonight. Off to bed…


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