Intro – stage 3, day 2

First, a couple of notes on yesterday. I feel really guilty for cheating… fortunately, it did not seem to have any ill effects (no burping, tummy ache, cramps, etc.). I’m really surprised that the enema didn’t work. I really hope I can go today by myself since I’m pretty much back to my ‘normal’ diet: with avocado, kefir, etc. Also, I did get nauseous after eating the butter/honey yesterday – I guess it was too much, too soon. I normally eat 1-2 tbsp of butter with any given meal but I guess after being on intro for a few days, I needed to slow down… point taken.

I totally blew it this morning. I forgot my FCLO and my probiotic. I really need to get those 2 things back in the routine. I am feeling well this morning, so hopefully this will continue during the entire day!!

Food diary
B: 2 Applegate beef hot dogs with mustard, 3 pancakes with butter, peppermint/ginger tea with honey
L: borscht, 1/2 avocado with salt, SK, kefir, hibiscus/licorice tea with ginger and honey
D: fried eggs, spinach with butter (and a tiny bit of sour cream – commercial Daisy brand), chamomile tea with ginger and honey

Update 4:30
I’m hungry!! Definitely not enough food…. I ate about a tbsp of coconut butter and a tsp of honey. I’m headed home!! I’m feeling tired. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I haven’t ‘gone’…

Update 8:30
I pooped!! Woo hoo!! Effortlessly and just enough. Nicely formed. Okay, enough details… Dinner was awesome! Tomorrow I’m moving on to stage 4. I plan to have some roasted chicken. I’m leaving juicing and nut bread for the weekend. I’ve never made nut bread so it will be a nice change. I’m going to take some FCLO tonight and hopefully remember tomorrow!


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