Intro – day 3

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, 3 eggs (2 scrambled in ghee and coconut oil, 1 soft boiled and cut into the scrambled eggs), 2 pancakes with butter, 1 tbsp avocado, chamomile/ginger tea with honey
L: meatballs, zucchini, green beans in broth and tomato sauce, 1 tbsp avocado, kefir, pickle juice, peppermint tea with ginger and honey
D: broth with kale and sausage (some spices there), 1/3 avocado

The eggs tasted so good this morning! So did the pancakes. I hope I didn’t overdo.. I probably did the first two days but I was afraid of keeping too long on early stages since I’m breastfeeding. If I don’t have BM today, I’ll have to do an enema tonight… maybe the avocado will help. I did cheat a bit: the tomato sauce was not homemade and it did have spices in it (garlic, basil) and olive oil so that may not be legal on this stage. It was in glass and did  not have any GAPS illegal ingredients. I probably added 1-2 tbsp. I’m going to do fermented fish on the weekend (if I find some fresh fish to ferment). Same for juicing. This stage is really my favorite. My breakfasts and lunches have pretty much been like stage 3/4 of intro for a long time now – I just haven’t included much broth in them. I really need to keep that up. I’m thinking of making my lunch either a soup or taking an extra thermos with broth if it’s not soup I’m having.

Oh, I went back to FCLO this morning. My tooth was starting to bother me again so I took a tsp of FCLO.

I’m thinking a detox bath tonight might do me good. I’m not sure how I’ll manage it – I like to put my two boys into one to give me 20 min of ‘me time’ (they’re 2 and 7.5). Maybe I can jump in after they’re done… I’m planning to roast 1/2 a chicken tonight (hopefully I can finish the boiled chicken for dinner) and cook some spinach for the boys for tomorrow (technically it should be legal for me, too).

Update 3pm
Ate my soup for lunch – yummy! I didn’t have avocado yet.. I did drink my kefir and had my tea. I drank a few spoons of pickle juice before lunch. I had a small BM but not much.

Update 4:30pm
I’m going to have avocado tonight instead of now… I did scarf down about 2 tbsp of butter (KerryGold) with scant tsp of honey. Yum! Totally satisfied my sweet craving. Not hungry at all…

Update 9:50pm
Did cheat a bit… had some kale chips and 1 wing (lemon pepper). I also tried to do an enema and not much came out (still hard) and then it started leaking! It’s like I was all stuffed up and no more water could go in. But none came out, either!! I’m going to post on this because if I don’t go tomorrow, there will be another enema in my future…. Another day of stage 3 tomorrow. Good night.


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