Intro, day two

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, veggie soup with lard and raw egg yolk, hibiscus licorice tea with honey and ginger
L: veggie soup with lard and meatballs and raw egg yolk, cold chicken with ghee and mayo, soft boiled egg, kefir (dripped), peppermint tea with ginger
D: salmon and broccoli in broth with ghee, boiled carrots with ghee and honey, water

More of the same today… I should mention that I did use the stalks of broccoli in my soup but I peeled them (they are very soft inside) and these were young stalks to start with. I am using mayo already (egg, lemon juice, salt, extra light olive oil) since I didn’t have any issues with it before. Ideally this mayo should be made with EVOO and I have also made it with coconut oil, EVOO and sesame oil (turns out very mild flavored) but this is what works for me. I’m also introducing kefir already as my second probiotic. I dripped it to get whey to make my SK so it’s a bit thick – almost like cottage cheese. YUM!! I patiently waited till my soup got cooler then added the egg yolk. I added some boiled green beans to my soup (they were boiled in water so while not ideal I figured they were still legal on intro).

I thought I’d mention some details about my ingredients. The chicken is organic from Whole Foods. I usually have a whole pastured chicken in my freezer but not currently. The ground beef is local and grassfed. Ghee is store-bought – I love the Purity Farms and they have the WAPF seal of approval. Very yellow and delicious!! Lard is local and pastured. Other than bok choy and green beans, all veggies were organic. Green beans were frozen – all other veggies fresh. Eggs are store-bought (from a neighboring state – very good flavor and pretty orange yolks) but the eggs for raw egg yolks are local and pastured (they are 4.49 a dozen so I only buy them once in a while). Kefir was made from low-temp pasteurized non-homogenized milk. Honey is raw though not local this time (I bought it from Azure). Once I start going to my local market for veggies, I’ll buy local raw honey there.

Update 11am
Got hungry so I ate one of the soft boiled eggs with salt. I then had 2 tsp of kefir. I can’t believe how good I feel!! I’m about to make another tea – probably peppermint – with fresh ginger. It’s freezing in the office!!

Update 1:25pm
Just had my soup with meatballs and egg yolk. Delicious!! I’m going to nibble the 1/4 cup of kefir I have with me and see what happens. I’ve been drinking about a cup of kefir every day for months now. It never brought on die-off for me. Right now I feel sated and happy.

Update 3:15pm
Got hungry again. I had the boiled chicken (cold) with mayo. Not the best but very satisfying. I’m going to leave the carrots with ghee and honey for an after-dinner treat tonight. I really don’t want to microwave them at work 😦 I finished my kefir after lunch.. it usually makes me ‘go’ but so far nothing…

Update 9pm
I boiled some broccoli and salmon in broth (separately). Ate that with some ghee and drank water. I then warmed up the boiled carrots with some ghee and honey. I felt pretty good, a bit tired but no nausea or dizziness and I felt full, not hungry. I did get a slight tummyache but nothing to worry about. Still no BM…


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