Intro, take two…

and action!! I took the plunge and started intro today. It’s been tough – very, very tough. I feel fine, though, so I’m pushing through. I give myself 2 weeks to finish.

Food diary
B: water with small scoop of CP, veggie soup (chicken stock, carrots, onions, broccoli, bok choy, zucchini, garlic) with about 1 tsp ghee, boiled carrots with ghee and honey, ginger tea with honey
L: salmon cooked in broth with ghee, bok choy cooked in broth, broth in a cup, 1 tsp SK, peppermint tea with honey
D: veggie soup, boiled chicken with ghee, chamomile tea with honey

Soup was pretty good. I went ahead and added ghee since I already did my 6 week trial with no dairy then reintroduced per Dr NCM’s suggestions. Ginger tea was made using fresh ginger but peppermint and chamomile were tea bags. I hate boiled chicken!! The only way for me to eat it is cold with ghee or mayo. I was not hungry and surprisingly didn’t crave chocolate (I ate the carrots with ghee and honey to satisfy the sweet craving I had after breakfast). It was a bit tough with the boys eating chocolate croissants and me cooking bacon for breakfasts during the week but I got through okay. On we go!!


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