I’m scared….

I know, I know… I already did it once. And it wasn’t bad, not really. My tastes came to life, I began to appreciate simple food…. and yet I’m scared of doing it again.

Of course I’m talking about intro – the often dreaded introduction part of GAPS. I have been on GAPS for almost a year now and did intro once, back in July. Not the best time of the year, mind you, as fresh fruit and all sorts of veggies were in season. I survived and made great strides. I only had one episode of feeling nauseous, had no major die-off and only had to do enemas for a week or two. I began to enjoy simple soups once again and expanded my GAPS repertoire even more. So why in the world am I scared of doing it again??

The usual, of course: feeding different things to my family while I eat soup, temptation of cheating, die-off, constipation, preparation… let’s address them one by one and hopefully I can talk myself into doing intro again (plan is to start this weekend).

Non-GAPS family. Maybe your entire family is on GAPS. If so, good for you!! Of course it probably means you’re chained to your kitchen and cooking in vats LOL On the other hand it’s nice to have support. Even in this situation you may find some members on intro while others can enjoy full GAPS items. I happen to be the lonely GAPSter in my family. This means there are plenty of illegals around. Lately I’ve been indulging in bites of rice (jasmine), some potatoes (organic Yukon golds) and of course my beloved chocolate (mostly GAPS legal but I do allow myself some that’s not). None of these have resulted in much of anything (I find bits of sugar – even 2 or 3g give me gas). Just a few months ago a few bites of starch would give me a stomachache. I would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning (I’m nursing a 2 year old – nuff said) with a stomachache and cramps. Now I seem to be fine which hopefully means I have healed some. The gas is still a mystery to me. I kept thinking it was candida but now I’m not so sure… I’m still limiting fruit to 1 serving a day, honey to 1 tbsp a day and nuts to either one baked good or 5-10 almonds or 1-2 tbsp of nut butter. My best advice to myself (and others) is to take it one meal at a time and make sure to eat plenty of fat to satisfy the hunger. In the worst case I’m going to have ghee with honey (I’m keeping dairy in the intro as I did my no-dairy trial and came out okay).

Temptation. I guess I addressed some in the bullet point above. I’m going to make plenty of flavorful food for me to have, including honey-and-butter-glazed carrots as a snack (and sweet treat) which should minimize the urge to cheat. I’m looking forward to having some comforting soups…

Die-off. There is always the possibility that I will be miserable for a week. When I first did intro, I only had one bad day with some dizziness and mild nausea. Otherwise it went well!! So this is really a moot point. I can always back off probiotics, I know all about eating plenty of carbs and fat to keep you satisfied, etc. Knowledge is the best ammunition here.

Constipation. This is a big one and many suffer from it, especially on intro. I did the first time. The good news is I now own an enema kit and know how to use it. In the worst case I will be using it once a day for a week or two. Hopefully with keeping dairy in this time around I can avoid the big C.

Preparation. Again, knowledge is key. I have read and re-read this amazing post. And yet another one. I even posted a few ideas here a while back. Right now I have about a gallon of stock, frozen, frozen pureed squash (couple of varieties), frozen veggies and some pate. I also have SK, kimchee, pickle juice and probiotics (CP). If you add eggs (I have a source for local pastured eggs), avocadoes (I’ve been eating 1/2 an avo daily for months now) and pancakes (just made a batch last night – just 3 ingredients, so good for intro), I’m set for the first week!! Oh, yeah, I also boiled some meatballs last week so I have those frozen, too. I plan to use some frozen wild salmon in my soup as well. Am I ready or what??

Okay, I think I have convinced myself. I’m ready. I’m going to start some more broth on Friday night and jump right into intro Saturday morning. Hopefully the worst die-off will be on the weekend!

Food diary
B: eggs scrambled in ghee, sausage with all the fat, pancakes with butter, black tea with honey
L: hamburger with ketchup, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, red SK, diluted coffee with honey and Primal creamer
D: roasted chicken, green beans in bacon grease, chocolate-covered strawberries (not GAPS legal as I made one batch for everyone and my family doesn’t care for dark chocolate)


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