Some positive changes in my non-GAPS family

For those of you not familiar with my situation, here is a brief summary. I’m a 35 year old female, married to my wonderful DH (41 years old) and we have 2 boys: 2 year old G and 7.5 year old A. I am the only GAPSter in my family (officially, anyway – G eats mostly GAPS with some other items thrown in). DH decided he needed to lose some weight and I suggested he go Primal ( I figured that would be the easiest for him to do and understand. I simply said ‘Cut your carbs.’ Something like 50 to 100g a day. Of course he’s keeping closer to 100 than 50 but he’s been mostly staying under 100g per day.

I have noticed DH has started to monitor himself more – it used to be all me. Now he’s asking for me to make him lunch, he’s eating fewer sweets and opting for non-sweet snacks. He has begun to eat more meat and veggies and cutting down his carbs at dinner. Not that he has dropped carbs altogether – he still gets some bread at lunch, some carbs at dinner plus sweets, but overall he has definitely reduced them.

A has begun to eat better as well. I pack his lunch 4 times a week and he eats at school once a week. I’m sticking mainly to sandwiches (on ‘clean’ bread: no soy, no HFCS, etc.) with butter, ham, turkey, cheese, PB&J, etc. He’s been eating more non-sweet breakfasts (he does have an apple or chocolate croissant occasionally). I’m going to develop a more solid plan for him so I know exactly what he gets and when: more broth, SK juice before dinner, CLO, etc. I just need it on paper: between my GAPS and forgetfulness it won’t work any other way!!

G has not been doing that great lately. He’s been balking at breakfast and lunch, eating more fruit during the day than anything else, even dinner is a struggle. He has some better days but overall he’s kinda ‘slipped’. Not sure why.. he has been nursing more but he’s 2 so surely he needs more calories than just breastmilk. He could be teething – that would explain the sudden clinginess and morning crying before I leave for work. I’ve begun to close the pantry so he can’t get in and ask for snacks. He did eat a pretty good dinner last night and some fried chicken skins for snacks. Both the kids love these!!

I’m prepping for intro. I’m not sure why I’m stalling… it wasn’t that difficult the first time and I have a ton of stuff prepped: broth in the freezer, steamed/pureed squash, frozen veggies ready to cook, frozen peeled apple for later stages, etc. I’m planning to start this weekend. I need to finish up the pan of brownies I made over the weekend so they won’t tempt me. There is no more GAPS chocolate or candies  and I have 2 frozen bananas left. I should be good to go!

Food diary for 2.7.12
B: Applegate beef hot dogs with mustard, cheddar cheese, pancakes with butter, green tea with ginger and honey
L: meatballs, zucchini and bok choy in tomato sauce, 1/2 avocado with EVOO and salt, red SK, brownie, strawberries, kefir, weak coffee with primal creamer and honey
D: fried chicken cutlet (coconut and almond flour), carrots and peas


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