The grindstone that is GAPS… and a recipe!!

Wow, another month has gone by… I would really like to get by to daily updates but at this point I’d be happy with having some time weekly to write. I just don’t!! Anywho, here’s an update..

I’m still on GAPS, full GAPS, and contemplating redoing intro (I did it once in July). I’m hoping to start this weekend (Monday the latest). I’m really stalling because it will mean cooking something for me and something else for the family but I have been doing that for lunch anyway so it shouldn’t be that much more work, if any. I’m keeping my food very simple, especially during the week. My breakfasts are a combo of any of these: eggs, pancakes, butter and meat (sausage, bacon, ham). Lunches are a few favorites: borscht, crockpot beef or pork with veggies, eggplant/squash/ground beef casserole. I have avocado, kefir/cream and SK with whatever I have for lunch. Snacks are crispy almonds, fruit (lately tangerines and grapefruit) and occasionally something sweet (lately peanut butter chocolate candy). I drink water, tea (green, white, fruit or herbal, with honey and fresh ginger) and coffee (I order half decaf and then dilute with water 50% and add coconut milk/cream creamer and sweeten with honey). I only use 1 tsp or less per cup. Dinners are whatever I cook for everyone else, sans starch. DH has been cutting his carbs to 50-100g per day so he’s been eating less potatoes/rice/noodles than usual.

I have not been doing any supplements as a rule. I have some calcium/magnesium capsules that I’m trying to finish and some l-forget-what now to help with sugar cravings. I’m trying to get back to taking FCLO but it’s been hard. I’ve quit any probiotics (other than food) until I do intro again.

I went out to lunch last week to a pretty nice steakhouse-type restaurant (job-related so I didn’t have to pay). I had a grilled trout with roasted winter veggies. I loved the veggies so much, I recreated the recipe at home and it was great!!

Roasted winter veggies
2 turnips, medium sized
1 small butternut squash
1 small red onion
6-7 brussel sprouts
3 medium red potatoes (optional)

Peel turnips and cut into cubes (size depends on you – I did 1/2″). Peel and cube butternut squash, onion and potatoes in a similar manner. Cut brussel sprouts in quarters. Toss with salt, pepper and melted fat of choice (I did a combo of lard and bacon fat). Sprinkle with vinegar (I did red vinegar – and should have done more of it – but I really wanted balsamic. I was out…). Baked in 425F till soft. I found all my veggies were ready after 40 min or so but the potatoes. I wound up fishing them out and cooking them by themselves for 10-15 minutes longer. Lesson learned. I usually don’t eat turnips and brussel sprouts AT ALL but these were delicious!! I bought all veggies organic and they were expensive ($10 for 3-4 servings) and I think you could go conventional on all but potatoes (they’re in the dirty dozen and are really advanced for GAPS anyway so you could skip them). DH hasn’t tried these yet though he said they look good. I got A to try a couple of cubes of turnip and squash with his potatoes – success!!

A has been doing well. He’s been eating his lunches and has (for the most part) trying some veggies at home without (much) protest. OTOH G has been giving me fits – he’s 2, after all!! He’s been getting into sweets and carby things and not eating his lunches/dinners well. I’m going to have to tell the nanny to watch him and not to give in. His BMs have not been great the last few weeks and he’s been crankier than usual.

DH has been doing well. He’s been looking at what he eats and keeping his carbs under 100g. I make his lunch 3-4 times a week and he has not been hungry. I notice the munchies hit him when at home in the evenings so I’ve been trying to steer him towards nuts and boiled eggs and such, and not carby, sweet things.

We’ve been eating out weekly and I’ve been doing okay. Not great, but okay. I have treated myself to a few tortilla chips and a cheese stick. Otherwise I stick to meat and veggies. I had an awesome sausage lentil soup at an Italian place and it didn’t seem to give me any problems. After I do intro I’m going to makes some sprouted lentils with salmon and see how that goes.

I’ll write more later this week as I gather my stuff and get ready for intro!!

Update 8:50pm
DH liked the veggies! He asked what the ‘orange thing’ was and I told him butternut squash. He ate it and said ‘I didn’t even know I liked it!’ G didn’t eat anything, despite several offers. I gave him nothing from the pantry which resulted in whining and crying. Since he took no nap today, he crashed at 7:30 but still fought sleep till the end. He woke up at 8:30 and went back to sleep. This should be an interesting night….


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