So very sorry…

I just have not been around lately. The daily life just does not leave much time for anything else but the essentials. I have to admit I need to get more organized in the kitchen but let’s summarize first…

I’m still on GAPS and have no desire to leave. There, I’ve said it…. YAY!! I just admitted to DH that I get up every morning and make breakfast and lunch for A (okay, so breakfast is usually a sandwich but at least it’s ‘clean’ and I put butter on it), breakfast for G (usually what I’m having – I really need to have A eating more protein/fat for breakfast) and breakfast and lunch for me. That is awesome in itself!! I have been cooking everything from scratch – not even using frozen veggies.

Food is still pretty much the same for me. I’ve really enjoyed having borscht for lunch: it has a bunch of veggies, it’s cooked in broth and I usually add some pate and crockpot meat to it for a complete lunch. I just made an entire pot (1.5 gallons) out of 2 bunches of beets. Awesome!! Right now I seem to do either borscht, ground beef/eggplant casserole or meat/veggies. Occasionally I do a chicken salad (roasted chicken, grapes or sometimes even cut up apple, almonds and mayo – quick and simple). Avocado, SK and kefir have also become staples. I seem to have lost the taste for fruit and with slim picking now that it’s winter it’s probably for the best. I may skip it altogether for a few months or just stick to my frozen chocolate bananas. I now consider my coffee the ‘sweet’ or ‘treat’ I have in the afternoons at work – sometimes I may have a piece of clafouti or a brownie but otherwise I do my coffee with Paleo creamer. I just found out the Aroy-d brand of coconut milk and cream are at my local market!! It’s a bit of a drive (45 min to 1 hr) but the price is less than half of what I used to pay online.

I have been getting bites of illegals here and there without ill effects: bite of rice, potato, etc. Sugar still gives me gas, though. Even a tiny bit. Interestingly enough even d-mannose gave me gas!! It shouldn’t have as it does not feed candida which is what I suspect I have. So I’m staying away. I made some pumpkin muffins from Nourished and Nurtured blog and I’m keeping those around along with my peanut butter chocolate squares and frozen bananas. Since DH and the boys had plenty of chocolate around this time of year I have been indulging but that ends in January. I’m doing intro and doing it right.

Here are my plans for the rest of the year:

  1. A wonderful GAPSter sent me some S. boulardii and I’ve been taking that twice a day. I took my probiotics and ferments around the antibiotics so they could do their job and I wouldn’t kill them. I probably won’t get back to CP until after I start intro.
  2. I need to replenish my freezer. I made some pancakes, borscht and broth. Oh, and some meatballs.
  3. Sweets. I made some vanilla crescents for DH (with wheat flour !!!) and I’m going to make some GAPS cookies this weekend. I’m thinking cinnamon mules and maybe some lemon bars. I want something non-chocolate. I may make another batch of peanut butter candy – my first one is almost gone.
  4. I got a giant red cabbage and it’s going to become SK very soon!! I had to throw out 1+ qt of regular SK that went ‘bad’: white milky liquid and terrible smell. Tasted soapy… not sure what’s up. I stored it in the fridge downstairs (cooler and the fridge is set on a cooler temp, too but they still went bad). I’m keeping my ferments upstairs from now on.

I’ve been reading up on the leptin reset. While I don’t think I’m a prime candidate, I’d love to be able to do 2 meals a day. I feel like I’m cooking way too much and stressing too much what to cook. Especially for lunches!!! My breakfasts are set (fast and easy) and my dinners are always planned for the week but I struggle with lunches. And now that I’m making both DH and DS’s lunches for them it adds additional stress to have to cook something just for me (since I cook dinners for 2 nights I don’t eat that for lunch). So I may start upping  breakfast to have more protein and fat (actually I’m thinking of doing carbs/veggies, protein and fat for breakfast) and minizing lunch. Then having a balanced dinner in the pm (before 7pm) and a small dessert. I think this will come after intro, though…

Just realized it’s taken me over a week to write this post so I’m publishing right now and starting on a new one…


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