Recent battles

Wow, has it really been over 2 weeks? Time sure flies… Here are some updates on my recent battles.

Yeast – yep, it’s back. I’ve been taking probiotics (CP, in the morning), SK (and occasionally yogurt, kefir and water kefir) daily and some probiotic homeopathic capsules plus CO internally but I’m still battling it. I’m almost ready to put kefir ‘down there’… maybe not.

Illegals – this may just be a permanent struggle that sometimes I’m just willing to lose. I’m actually doing a lot better than a month ago. Having some GAPS-legal sweets around really helps. I made a batch of chocolate peanut butter candy that I keep in the fridge and eat a square if the mood strikes. It’s kept me from ‘really’ cheating!!

Toddler – he’s eating well enough just not sleeping early enough!! This may just be permanent until he gives up his daily nap and instead goes down earlier for the night. Hope it’s soon!! I miss my ‘alone’ evening time… and time with DH though we make do.

We haven’t been eating out much and I’ve been okay with picking out things that are GAPS-legal. I honestly don’t enjoy it as much (especially the cheap places) but I enjoy being out with DH and the kids. I simply make the best of it.

I’m planning intro in December which was supposed to happen this weekend. Turns out I’m going out to a fine dining event. I got an invite to a fancy dinner and wine tasting sponsored by Buick and featuring Ming Tsai, a pretty famous Korean chef who used to be on Food Network. I really like his show and his food (at least on the screen). We’ll see how he stacks up in real life!! That’s this Saturday afternoon. So I may postpone intro till next weekend and make some more broth!!

I was off work for a total of 4 days and really made use of it. I made a batch of broth, 2 different soups and froze some of all of them. I roasted a chicken with lots of butter, fresh garlic and parsley. I made beef medallions marinated in ketchup and mustard (very yummy) that DH raved about to his mom!! I also baked a chocolate pecan tart that I haven’t made since going GAPS (Feb of this year) and it turned out great!! It was sugar and dairy free and everyone loved it. I did tons of laundry. I found time to be with both kiddos and be outside as well. We cleaned out the garage, leaves off the front yard and the gutters. Whew!! And we managed to do some shopping. Not much (I do a bulk online anyway and I don’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t feel obligated to do all my shopping this time of year) but a bit. A got the cutest shoes and they tie, too, instead of velcro. He feels really grown up.

I had a sinus infection last week that I battled with a neti pot and probiotics. It was torture the first couple of times I did it but then it lessened and by today it’s virtually gone. My voice is getting back to normal and the ‘pain behind the eyes’ is virtually gone. Really not bad for a sinus infection!!

Food has been kept pretty simple around here…. the local market is done until January so I’ll make do with what’s at Whole Foods.

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs, sausage patty, pancakes with CO
L: ground beef casserole with tomato, garlic, onion, squash and eggplant, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, SK, pumpkin muffin, tangerine, yogurt/kefir mix, small coffee with coconut creamer
D: beef medallions with sauce, fresh tomato with onion, carrots in ghee, green pepper/sausage casserole, 1/2 cup of coffee, water, chocolate pecan tart


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