Last few days…

A lot has been happening the last few days… this might get long but I really wanted to sum up (for myself as well as the few readers I have out there…) where I am and where I’m going with GAPS.

I’m finishing up my winter storage of foods. I don’t have much by any standards but I think I have a good start as I plan to do this every year and increase my stores. I still have some blueberries, strawberries and peaches frozen from last year and this summer. I added some applesauce and some dried apple chips. I frozen some tomatoes (about 2 gallon size bags). I dehydrated zucchini, squash and eggplant (I have about 2.5 quart jars in total). I threw some dried basil in there for flavor, too…. I made several quarts of ferments: I have about 3 quarts of kimchi, 2 quarts of red SK and 2 or 3 quarts of white SK. Not bad!!! I think this might take me through the winter. I was able to get white cabbage at $1/head at a local market and the red was $1 at one stand (smaller, less packed heads) and $3 at another stand (heavier, larger heads). I bought one of each and mixed them so overall it wasn’t a bad deal. For next year I plan to do my preserving as if I had a garden: buy when produce is in season (all year long) and prepare as the season progresses vs doing it all in the fall. Just to mention I did all this prep with just my knife, board and a dehydrator. For next year I’m planning to buy a spiralizer so I can peel and core apples much faster. Doing it by hand is just plain crazy!!

I saw a doctor, finally. Dr. Goldman is an OB/GYN but he also specialized in hormone, thyroid and adrenal problems. So far I only did an annual check up but he also took blood to check my thyroid and adrenals. We’ll see…

I’m back to supplements. I just finished some dry liver capsules and I’m taking some L-glutamine and cal/mag capsules. We’ll see if they help with the chocolate cravings… I also have some raw multi I’d like to finish and some iodine but I may wait with that until I get my blood results. I haven’t been consistent with my FCLO and I know my vit D is low. I’m thinking of doing additional vit D drops but first I need to get regular with the FCLO.

I’m still cheating…. I’m giving myself a little time to completely get rid of this habit as I’m planning to do intro in a couple of weeks and I’d like to be as perfect as I can. I’m also going to be reintroducing dairy as my 6 week dairy-free trial ends this weekend. I’m making some chocolate peanut butter candy and I’m going to keep that on hand for cravings. Since I’ve been doing so well on trying to incorporate so many aspects of GAPS into my everyday eating, including now taking CP every morning and night, I don’t want to sabotage myself with cheating.

Kids are doing great. A little under the weather right now but rebounding nicely. A is eating his lunches pretty consistently and drinking kefir at home. I made him an apple soda with water kefir and he liked it enough to have it a couple of times. G is also doing well, still eating pretty much everything. He’s had a bit more ‘junk’ lately: some organic granola bars, potatoes (cooked in lard), few crackers, etc. but still loves his fermented veggies and regular cooked veggies, too.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs in coconut oil with prosciutto, pancakes with coconut oil
L: broth, pate, veggies and meatballs, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, SK, apple clafouti, few grapes, small coffee with coconut creamer, pomegranate blueberry water kefir soda
D: chicken wings, SK, tomato, few grapes, coconut milk ice cream, pistachios


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