Progressing on GAPS

I just realized it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted. What can I say… I’ve been busy. Here are some updates…

I’ve been working hard on my cheating. The truffles I’ve been indulging in are gone and I’m determined to keep away from illegal chocolate. I’ve been enjoying some honey-cured bacon and prosciutto but I find I don’t crave them that much. On the weekends they’re nice to have around as the rest of the family is enjoying the illegal versions.

Eating out is still hard as I’m doing no dairy at the moment (week 5 now!) but I’m doing my best. Last time it was ribs with spinach with garlic sauteed in olive oil. Delicious!! (I needed more meat…)

My preserving is coming to an end. I have a bag of tomatoes, some pumpkin and squash and fruit frozen. I have a quart and a half of dried eggplant and a full quart of dried zucchini and squash. I have some applesauce and a bag of apple chips (that will probably disappear within a week or two. I’m hoping to get more apples this weekend and add to that stash. For next year I definitely want an apple corer/peeler – I think a spiralizer will do the trick. Peeling and coring the apples is just taking too much time. I’m sure the kids will want to help if I have a cool gadget!! I also have a quart of kimchi and 4 quarts of SK in the fridge downstairs. I’m thinking of making another quart or 2 of red SK which G loves. Not too bad!! Since I’ve been making it to the  local market regularly (at least twice a month) I’m going to be preserving a lot more next year. Now I just have to remember to use what I have preserved!

I finally ordered Custom Probiotics and have been taking that every morning. So far I had baby scoop one day, then an adult scoop two days in a row and today I had 2 scoops in the morning. No die-off that I can see but hopefully it will help with my yeast infection.

G is back to his normal self but not eating very much during the day. He nurses 2-3 times during the day and 1-2 times during the night. I’m trying to get him back to eating meat/veggies or soup for lunch. I’ve been giving him some potatoes (either mashed with butter and raw milk or cooked in lard) and some rice. A is doing okay. He’s actually drinking homemade kefir which I mix with frozen bananas and other fruit. Since he’s not eating too many eggs I’m thinking of adding egg yolks to that concoction and possibly some avocado, too.

I’ve been keeping lunches simple. I’m keeping with my formula and that is working. I’m working towards reducing nuts and fruit even further and possibly doing anti candida GAPS this winter. I’m also down to one thermos with soup or meat/veggies but I’m going to add a second thermos of broth with pate to make sure I drink enough. I used to do a cup or two of broth in the evening but with G awake so late I just don’t get to it. Also, no kefir right now but I am trying to do a 1/2 avocado daily with some EVOO and salt.

By next weekend I should be done with my dairy-free trial. Then I’m going to prep for intro and start that. Then I’ll start introducing dairy, starting with whey and on as Dr. NCM suggests. I’m hoping to make it all the way to milk and cream this time, though I’ll be happy with butter, ghee, yogurt, kefir and cheese.

Update 2:30pm
The lunch was sooo good. It really tastes so good and to know that I’m filling myself up with healing foods. Basically all I eat is healthy and healing!! Eggs, fats of various kinds, meat, broth, veggies, various ferments, avocado, etc. I’m not only eating to eat but I’m eating to heal and be healthy. I just set up water kefir and bought some juices to turn them into ‘soda’. I’m trying to get A involved. He’s never drank soda other than on occasion when we’re out. DH and A prefer sweet tea so it’s rarely that he gets some Sprite and such. I bought some local apple cider and Lakewood pomegranate blueberry juice that I’m going to mix with my water kefir to make into 2 different sodas. I can’t wait!!

Update 1:20pm next day
So obviously I didn’t get a chance to finish my post yesterday… I had a very good evening. Ate some mock Chinese: sauteed steak with garlic and ginger, various veggies and some coconut cream. This stuff is so good I want to put it on everything!! G went down pretty quickly though late. Only woke up once at night. It was a good day…

Update 10:50pm
DH and I got some ‘alone’ time tonight.. nice. I’m finally posting two days’ worth of typing!! I just had some tomato soup (broth, tomato puree, salt and pepper) with coconut cream tonight… had some cramps and a bit of nausea tonight. I did a scoop of CP in the morning and at night and that probably did it. I’m sticking with 2 scoops daily for now.
Good night…

Food diary
B: 2 Applegate hot dogs with mustard, sliced radishes
L: borscht with pate (4 ice cubes – this made the soup deliciously ‘creamy’), 1/2 avocado with EVOO, beet kvass, kimchi, grapes, 3 chewy applesauce cookies, coffee with creamer
D: sauteed steak with garlic and ginger, sauteed veggies in coconut oil (carrots, greens, zucchini, squash), coconut cream, chocolate coconut milk ice cream

I made the creamer with coconut cream this time and it’s decadent!! I could eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon: just coconut cream, egg, vanilla and cinnamon. YUM I think coconut is okay on anti-candida so I may do this as my ‘dessert’ when I go that route.


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