Holding on…

Nothing ever goes as planned, does it? No clean house for me today.. I’ll have to make-do till Saturday. It’s actually better since I can show the girls exactly what I want cleaned and somewhat supervise them though I’m certainly not going to be looking over their shoulders. The lady was really sorry but they got to my house late and G was sleeping. With the week he’s had I’m not about to wake him up!!

G is doing better. He was up 1:30 to 2:30 in the am but DH helped. He was a bit whiny this morning but when DH left he said G was waving bye-bye and looking happy to be outside. I know my nanny can work wonders!!

Not much else is going on. I’m picking up a chicken/pork order this weekend. I need more lard!! I’m getting some chicken bones, pork roasts and ground pork for patties.  Guess I won’t be eating them since they have Parmesan cheese but the boys love them so it will be an easy dinner for them with some mashed potatoes. And I’ll be going to the market on Saturday (hopefully). I want to make at least 2-4 more quarts of SK, dehydrate some more veggies… I have no time!! I still have some apples to crockpot for sauce – maybe today since the boys want a quick supper of sausage and bread. Works for me!! We’ll see what G ate for lunch today and I’ll make dinner accordingly. I need to defrost more broth for him (and me) so we can both heal our tummies.

I may type more tonight.. if not, this will be short and sweet! I already posted a long post on the help group about G… so now I get to hurry up and wait LOL


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