Bad, then better

This weekend was good. The nightmare nanny left Friday but then G was sick Saturday (no eating, just whining and nursing all day). Still got grocery shopping and cooking done though no market in the morning. All my preserving (other than the applesauce which I did a batch and steaming a sweet dumpling squash) was pushed to this weekend. Sunday was better. We went to a state park near a lake for a few hours. We hiked, took in some sights, had some country cookin’ (not terribly GAPS friendly but I did my best) and homemade snacks, then came home. No cleaning!! House is dirty but should be clean tomorrow afternoon. Our regular nanny was back this morning and G never even whimpered when DH and left this morning. Yay!!!

DH made another effort to remind me that it’s fine for me to be on a ‘diet’ but the kids should have their bread. We were trying to figure out what to feed G since he didn’t care for anything we offered. Of course DH’s first line of defense is bread. What is it about this ‘sacred’ food that he finds so wonderful??? I didn’t even bother arguing with him… A has been eating his lunches which are still not stellar and center around sandwiches but at least he’s not complaining about the butter!! And I’m sure my food is just a bit less processed than the school’s.

I made a crockpot of curried ribs this weekend (per this recipe). I hope the boys like it. If not, more for me!!!

I’m really working on my cheating. I bought some honey-cured bacon at WF this weekend as a treat. I’ll cook the whole package, then portion it for treats. I also bought some prosciutto at Costco (just ham and salt) – again, for treats. I’m still tempted by the chocolate truffles but I’m working on it. The homemade coffee creamer was a success. In fact, I had some leftover this morning that didn’t fit in my jar so I added it to my jasmine green tea and had ‘chai’! Very good indeed. Dairy-free is also hard – I almost gave up yesterday and had some cheese but I thought about the 2 weeks I’ve already braved and didn’t want to erase that. So here I go, week 3…

Update 10:20pm
The boys didn’t care for the ribs so I’m making them some beef stew tomorrow. Sigh… G ate pretty well – I had to spoonfeed A. He’s 7!!! He saw a few carrots in his cheesy rice with the crockpot beef and chicken and wouldn’t eat it. He finally made it through… that child. DH ate chicken noodle soup and I don’t know what else. Wouldn’t even try the ribs…

G did great with the nanny. Hopefully it will only get better as the week goes on. I cooked up 3 zucchinis in lard today plus about 2 cups shredded cabbage. That should last me a couple of days. I’m going to freeze some of the rib meat for later. I’m going to do the chai again tomorrow morning – it was delicious!

Food diary
B: scrambled pastured eggs with conventional salami cooked in exp-pressed CO, zucchini pancakes, chai tea (jasmine tea with honey and some coffee creamer)
L: chicken salad (roasted pastured chicken, homemade mayo, crispy almonds, local apples), SK, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, grapes, peppermint ginger tea, 1/2 Larabar
D: crockpot ribs with carrots and onions, cabbage in lard, zucchini in lard, hot spiced cider


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