Bits and pieces

Wow, what a week… Well, two weeks, really. Just a warning that this post might be a bit disjointed. Tons of stuff going on: work, home, kids, food…. here we go!

The temporary nanny seemed to be working out last week and then this week turned to a nightmare. My normally sweet child (really: he’s never thrown anything even remotely resembling a tantrun and now he’s wailing and throwing himself on the floor, refusing to be picked up – that hasn’t happened either, ever…) seemed nervous, wakes up at night screaming, refuses to go to bed at night, clings to me in the morning, etc. Fortunately, today is the last day!! I know he learned the tantrum behavior from the nanny’s 2 year old so I hope that behavior will disappear once she leaves. I have to believe that some of the behavior changes have to do with food. The 2 YO eats junk: crackers, waffles, hot dogs, fried ‘sticks’ (of what??? not sure…) and PediaSure. Of course my son wants what she has so I know he’s been getting more junk than usual with the nanny there. Again, I hope to get back to normal next week, starting with some bone broth-based veggie soup.

Then there is the nanny herself. I can’t imagine seeing a 2 year old wailing and not picking him up!! She can plainly see that G was distraught when DH and I leave in the morning but made no move to show him something else, pick him up, take him anywhere, etc. She just sat there on the sofa!! Arghh!!!! I think G just doesn’t like her and I have to agree. I can’t wait for my regular nanny to come back – she has such raport with G and he loves her. She may have her faults but at least she puts G as her priority and he never lacks for anything when with her.

Food has been simple this week: fried chicken cutlets for the boys/crockpot beef for me, borscht/hamburgers for lunch and later in the week roasted chicken (rice for the boys, veggies for me). The avocadoes from Costco were a bust so no more getting them there. I found a couple at Publix that ripened beautifully and weren’t too expensive. I’ve been dehydrating this week: I have a 1/2 quart of zucchini/squash and 1/2 quart of eggplant with some dried basil thrown in each jar. This has turned out to be awesome!! The drying takes about 12 hours or so which is much less than I expected. I’m hitting the market again tomorrow for more stuff. My tomatoes are almost ripe so they’ll be blanched and frozen this weekend. SK is almost done, so is the beet kvass.

Update 2:20pm
I’ve had a fairly light day at work so I can relax a bit. I’m mentally planning my weekend: Sat morning go to market, then make breakfast and hopefully go grocery shopping before lunch. Not much cleaning since I have a cleaning lady coming on Tuesday. YAY!! Not much laundry this week, either. I plan to cook in the afternoon: veggie soup, possibly broth, crockpot some beef (maybe ribs?) and possibly bake something (cookies or muffins; clafouti?)… Sunday we’re planning to go up to a local park for a few hours. I have some prospective babysitters coming by in the evening (I shelled out $35 to find a temp nanny so I figured while I had my temp membership I’ll use it to find some babysitters for future use).

Update 8:50pm
The witch… er, the nanny is gone. She forgot some frozen c**p that I promptly threw out. She suggested that if ever my nanny is out of town again I should call her. Er… no thanks. G began his now customary wailing about half an hour ago and nothing I tried would console him: carrying, talking, nursing, picking up, listening to music, watching TV. The woman has completely traumatized my son!! I kinda feel bad for my regular nanny because she’s going to have a hard time with G on Monday. I’m sure he’ll recover but it’s going to be a tough couple of days. G finally fell asleep about 8:30 so I’m hoping to be in bed by 9:30.

The wings didn’t completely agree with me – must be the oil. Next time I’ll have a couple like I usually do, not 10 like I did tonight. Hope the tea with help… I’m off to read and relax. Good night…

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs with sausage patty, pancake with CO, 2 raw radishes, green tea with ginger
L: hamburger with mustard and LF ketchup, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, LF pickles and dilly beans, LF soda, 1/2 Naked green juice (won’t be buying it again after reading this; I’ll buy Bolthouse Farms or just juice myself), small coffee with homemade creamer, fruit tea with ginger
D: wings (mild), carrot sticks, peppermint tea with ginger


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