Still here…

I know I haven’t blogged for a while. I just had to let it go. Otherwise I would be blogging into the night, not getting my sleep and with my nonstop toddler it’s just not an option. G is up around 7am and doesn’t go down before 10pm. Yep, that’s including his 2 hour nap in the afternoons. The child is wearing me out!! On a bad note his eczema came back on his torso and a patch on his leg. Not sure why: could be the junk he might be eating from the new nanny the past week (this will stop by next week when our regular nanny is back) or the change in weather (colder weather outside, using heat inside). I noticed my hands have been drier than usual, too. And the past few days he’s been pooping food pieces and mucus. I wonder if it’s the apples he’s been demanding (he likes to bite himself but doesn’t chew it very well before swallowing). I have limited the apples and it seemed to help.

A has had his share of problems lately, too. He’s a poster child for GAPS. First it was his tooth, now it’s his stomach. He threw up Thursday and had to be picked up from school. Spend Thursday and Friday at home, eating almost nothing. His temp was up to 101 and he was tired, laying around all the time. Saturday was similar though I was trying to get him to do something other than watch TV. By Sunday he was up, said he was feeling better, was cooler to the touch and his head no longer hurt. His appetite has yet to return. He is getting pickier and pickier and I don’t know what to do. I don’t think DH will let me do GAPS and with school in session I don’t know that it’s an option. He’s eating less and less of meats, dairy, eggs and fruit and more carbs. No veggies – I mean none. I’m just at a loss. Nothing seems to work.

I’m still on GAPS and into my second week of no dairy. It’s HARD!!! I’m still having bits and pieces of sugar here and there: a truffle (3g – fortunately it was dairy free), piece of turkey (1g), prosciutto (0g but it’s still made with sugar)… I’m trying to cut them out, for good. It seems gas comes back no matter how little sugar I eat. I did make a nondairy creamer so I no longer use the one with sugar in it. I’m thinking about ordering some bacon and liverwurst from Wellness Meats so I can have a stash of legals. DH opened up a liverwurst over the weekend and I couldn’t have it because of dairy!! And of course it had nitrites…

This weekend: more food preserving
This weekend was busy. I bought a bunch of stuff at the market and got busy in the kitchen. By last night I had made borscht (6 servings, 4 were frozen), 2.5 quarts of SK (scored 2 beautiful heads of cabbage for $2!! – I used the food processor for cutting (not perfect but it worked), then let it sit with salt to get the juices flowing; added dill, ginger and seaweed per this recipe), beet kvass and soda (I made water kefir, then did a second fermentation with pomegranate cranberry juice – it was insanely fizzy). I also have a gallon size bag of pate cubes in the freezer. Still to come are tomatoes (blanch and freeze) and eggplant/zucchini/squash (slice and dehydrate). Oh… and apples!! Bought a bag of small ones and will do more chips and applesauce. I’m amazed the market is still going!! There are zucchini, squash, eggplant, tomatoes, radishes, greens, lettuces, cabbage, beets, winter squashes including pumpkins, etc.. I’m going to try and go every week this month since the market closes in November (not sure exactly when). I want to do more… of everything!!

Whew…. I managed to clean and do laundry, too. We went shopping yesterday and got some good deals on Columbus Day sales. It was nice to relax. Went to eat at Panera Bread: I had some vegan tomato soup (could have still had sugar) and Cobb salad (no cheese).

Update 12pm
I just found out the soup I had yesterday had CREAM in it. Darn it!! I blew my dairy-free week. And I think I’m feeling a bit of fogginess today, too. I think I’m going to ignore this and keep going. No more soups for me while eating out. Turns out the V I interpreted as vegan was vegetarian. Dang it!!

Update 3pm
I have calmed down a little. Today has not gone well. The internet connection at work has been giving me fits. And I’m still made about the dairy… Yesterday, as I was folding the laundry, I had a thought that I really have a love and hate relationship with this diet. I love that I’m making all my food from scratch (all 3 of my meals, all 3 of my kids’ meals and at least 2 of DH’s meals – we still go out weekly or so), I’m buying fresh foods, I’m healing my body.. but I hate spending so much time in the kitchen, being sabotaged left and right by illegals, having cravings (for sugar, lately… not fruit, but chocolate), etc. My ‘I wish…’ list is getting longer by the second! And with A getting pickier and pickier I’m not sure how I’ll be able to cook a dinner that everyone can/will eat. I’m thinking of cutting out all of A’s sweets (he’ll be angry, I know) and he simply won’t have any unless lunch/dinner gets eaten. Period. I can tell DH that if A refers to him, he can say ‘Go talk to Mom’ and I can be the ‘bad guy’. DH can cave in sometimes and we really need to be strict here. I’m going to try and explain the ‘good bugs vs bad bugs’ to him again and see if it makes a difference.

Update 9:45pm
G is asleep!! I actually have a few minutes to myself before turning in… wow. I don’t know what to do! A did better tonight: had some mac and cheese (conventional, but without nasty stuff and with full fat natural cheese) and had a pear. Not too bad. New rules: no eating out on Friday unless all meals are eaten to my satisfaction Mon – Thur and no sweets during the week unless dinner is eaten. He is always welcome to yogurt or fruit. We’ll see how it goes. Lunch was only yogurt, few pretzels and a Naked smoothie but he ate it all. It’s a start…

Food diary
B: scrambled eggs with coconut oil, sausage patty, pancakes with coconut oil
L: borscht with crockpot pork, SK, water kefir, PB/CO/honey mix, grapes, small coffee with homemade creamer and honey, handful of soaked almonds, small piece of Dagoba chocolate (sigh…)
D: crockpot beef sauteed in lard with zucchini, squash, peas and carrots, red wine, jasmine tea with ginger and honey, truffle (yikes!), few grapes


One response to “Still here…

  1. You really have a lot going on, I can definitely relate. I know how frustrating it can be when dad isn’t on the same page… my husband was just telling me this morning that he doesn’t like depriving our son with Down Syndrome of SAD foods because he already has it hard enough being that he has DS. But to my way of thinking, our son doesn’t care *that* much about crap foods and he does like GAPS foods, and I want him to be as healthy as possible so as to avoid common maladies, you know? Our son hates doctors and hospitals and if keeping SAD food away him him will help him stay away from the doctor isn’t that a good trade?

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