Fall is here…

The weather has finally cooled here in GA… it’s in the 60s in the morning and up to low 80s in the afternoons. Beautiful.

I’m hoping my local farmer’s market will keep going for at least a couple more months so I can dry/freeze some more food. So far I have dried some apples and made applesauce. I still have some frozen blueberries and peaches from earlier in the season. I did not do any veggies but I’m thinking of trying to freeze some steamed squashes for the winter. I also plan to buy some extras from now till the season ends and dry/freeze. I’m hoping to be more organized next year… no canning for me yet, but I hope to do more drying and freezing. So far I’ve eaten everything I’ve bought!! Here are some ideas on my list (for now and next year):

  • fruits: apples (dry, applesauce) and peaches (slice and freeze) are definitely a good bet; other fruits seem to be expensive and probably wouldn’t work – I will be looking at Whole Foods for their deals on local seasonal produce and freeze those
  • squashes: all sorts of winter squashes can be steamed and frozen for soups and pancakes; they are now showing up at my local market so I may buy extra and freeze
  • veggies: right now zucchini, squash, greens, eggplant and peppers are in abundance; tomatoes are gone (next year I plan to make sauce and freeze some whole); cabbage not quite there but I hope to make some extra SK for the winter later on this fall; I’m going to buy extra zucchini and squash to dehydrate (they keep so well when fresh from the market and I can’t get enough of them… even after literally months of eating them!! slice, salt and sautee in lard… YUM); peppers to freeze… maybe greens, too; for eggplant I may just make a couple of batches of my ground beef eggplant casserole and freeze

Wow, that’s a lot…. I’ve been trying really hard to eat seasonal this year and this will be the first winter when I will attempt to do it as well. About the only 2 exceptions are bananas and potatoes (for the boys). A has mentioned that the apple sauce I made a few weeks ago (local apples, bit of honey, vanilla and cinnamon) was delicious! He agreed that it tasted nothing like the jarred stuff we buy. Yay!! I’m hoping to continue with what I did this year and add to it. Looks like the market is closed for 4 months of the year so next year I know how much food to ‘save’ for this period. I will by no means by self-sufficient but it’s a start. I also just found out they’re open on Sun afternoons!! Sometimes I don’t get out there on Sat morning so this is awesome. I’m excited!!

Update 2pm
I’m feeling all stuffed up now. I can still breathe and there is no sore throat or runny nose. It just feels like a head cold. I’m having ferments (SK, beet kvass, dairy kefir) plus I’m getting some ginger and raw onions this weekend. Those always help.

Update 10pm
Both boys are asleep and I’m off to bed, too. Busy weekend ahead and it won’t help that I’m sick. We’ll see how much gets done…

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with tomato in coconut oil, pancakes (I’m trying to get away from butter/ghee in prep for my dairy-free 6 weeks
L: borscht with pate and crockpot pork, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, SK, cucumber spears, beet kvass, kefir, apple, PB/butter/honey mix
D: Buffalo chicken dip (illegal due to locust bean gum in cream cheese), beet kvass, tea, 1/2 frozen crunchy chocolate banana

I just realized that most of the stuff in my borscht is local!! Beets, cabbage, bok choy, tomato and pork are all local products! Only carrots and onions are not (both organic but from CA). Also the garlic is the last of the garlic from my inlaws in Europe. Yummy stuff – way more potent that China-imported stuff at the store. Add to that stock made with local pastured bones and you have some pretty potent healing stuff!!


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