As you can tell I’ve been silent for about a week. Things have been hectic around here. G is in a mood. Whiny in the morning, crying when I leave for work, whiny when I get back, whiny at bedtime, won’t take his pacifier, wants to nurse nonstop, etc. I’ve been exhausted with him. He’s up at 7am and won’t go down till 10pm or later!! That said, things have gotten better the last couple of days. Both his nanny and I decided it’s behavioral, not teething like originally thought, so we’re redirecting his attention, not paying attention to the whining and it seems to be working!

DH and I had a few ‘run-ins’ the last couple of days about food as well. He wants stuff like he had at home which involves wheat flour that I haven’t bought/used in over 5 years. Yep, 5 YEARS!! I broke down and finally thickened his beef stew with it but had to be careful about tasting it afterwards. And last night’s chicken was tough which didn’t help things. I managed to cook it a bit more and I think it’s fine now.

Food is simple. I’ve relied on the freezer and the beef/eggplant casserole and crockpot beef I found there. Add some fat, jarred tomato sauce (GAPS legal) and various sauteed veggies (cauli, leeks, carrots, zucchini, squash) and voila! Instant lunch. My lunch formula works. I now do only one thermos with some ferment and 1/2 avocado on the side. Add some water kefir or beet kvass, dairy ferment, small fruit and a sweet and it’s easy to throw together.

Update 3:30pm
Didn’t finish lunch.. not that hungry. I’ll finish tonight.

Update 8:50am next morning
DH went to a concert last night. I was busy until bedtime but it went OK. G is still not at his best but at least there was minimal whining and only waking up once. I’ll take it!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs, sausage patties, zucchini pancakes with butter
L: crockpot beef with veggies (cauli, leeks) and tomato sauce, beet kvass, kefir/cottage cheese (last of it), grain free cereal, raspberries, small watered down coffee with creamer
D: leftover lunch, additional roasted chicken and veggies


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