Simple does it every time

I can’t believe how simple food can satisfy you. I’ve been having zucchini and/or summer squash daily for weeks now and I don’t seem to grow tired of it!! I sometimes shred it to include in pancakes (nut butter, zucchini/squash, eggs) or slice up in 1/4 rounds and sautee in lard. So easy!!

Still cheating a bit: coffee, square of chocolate a night… I made some frozen chocolate bananas last night so I won’t be cheating tonight!! I took leftover grain free cereal crumbs and mixed into my GAPS-legal chocolate and put over the bananas. Voila!!

Update 10:20pm
Off to bed a bit early. G has been very teary/clingy, not wanting to go to sleep in the evenings so tonight was not so bad. I wonder if it’s because he’s been having bits of potatoes and rice from time to time… I may pull them again and see if it helps.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with butter/sausage fat, sausage patties, pancakes with butter
L: LF pickle, meatballs, zucchini, squash in lard with tomato sauce, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, yogurt, apple with PB/AB/butter/honey, small coffee with regular creamer and coconut creamer
D: sausage, tomatoes and bok choy sauteed in lard, 1/2 banana in crunchy chocolate

Meatballs were great: ground beef, chopped SK, egg, coconut flour, salt, pepper, seasoned salt (like Herbamare), chopped onion/shredded carrot/zucchini/squash sauteed in lard and ghee. I formed into balls, stuffed with cheese and baked. So delicious!! It made almost 40 meatballs. Very simple lunch but so satisfying. I honestly don’t plan lunches anymore. I make sure I have some quick-cooking meat (like sausage links) or already cooked meat (like crockpot beef) and some veggies (sometimes sliced, sometimes not). Tonight I have a leftover 1/2 sausage link and some bok choy from a local market. Great combo!! I got some good deals at the local market this weekend. This included the old standbys of zucchini and squash but also some local bok choy, beautiful red peppers and a head of cabbage for $1!! It should make a quart of SK, easy…. I love it!!


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