It’s Friday… and now Sunday

Friday post
I’m glad but I’m also dreading the weekend. So much to do, so little time…

On a positive note A has been eating his lunches. YAY!! They’re not the best (lately it’s been croissants with either PB&J or turkey and cheese) plus organic fruit snacks or fresh fruit or organic crackers. Still, he’s actually finishing all his food!! At home, too. Last two days it was pork patties (ground pork, egg, shredded Parmesan, fresh parsley, marjoram, salt and pepper) and mashed potatoes – he’s eaten his dinner without complaints both days, finishing everything on his plate. He was so happy and so was I!!! For next week I’m planning to include at least one hot meal – cheese-stuffed meatballs. I hope they go over well!! G is eating well, too. He loves the red SK and always finished that on the plate first. I usually give him a bit of that with something else (like the pork patty) and he chows down. He’s so easy!!! Last night he tried my water kefir/juice mixture that even I found pretty sour. He didn’t even blink!! I hope I’m instilling some tastes and habits for life.

After allowing myself many small cheats it’s tough to go back to GAPS again but my health was definitely affected. From overindulging in whipped cream (homemade with honey) I got the ‘pain behind the eyes’ and coffee just made me feel tired. So they’re out. I may have a cup of watered-down coffee at work today since I’m feeling so crappy. Maybe the caffeine will help… I’m back eating fermented veggies 2-3 times a day. I’m craving sour!! I’m going to focus on kefir instead of yogurt for a while to grow my grains. I want to be continuously fermenting a quart of milk and drinking the kefir as a new batch is setting up. The weather has cooled off to 70s and 80s during the day but I’m still not craving broth. I have been adding some to my veggies but not drinking much. Once it cools down for good I’m going to go back to my cup of broth with pate before bed habit.

I’m sort of nervous about going out to eat today – though I’m not sure we will. I cheated badly last time: I think the chicken I ordered had some sort of breading on it and I had dessert afterwards. DH might decide to stay in tonight so we’ll see. I’m planning on having only GAPS-legal stuff.

Food diaries
B: 2 eggs over easy with butter, beef hot dog, tomato slices, SK
L: sausage, green beans, yellow beans and carrots with ghee and broth, SK, yogurt, peach, water kefir/juice, grain free cereal

My food has not been inspiring lately. I do things quickly and simply. There are a few things I’m planning to try over the weekend and I’ll report on them as I do. It still amazes me how just a few simply things can make for a tasty meal. One of my favorites if what I like to call ‘Italian beef’: shredded crockpot beef, sauteed zucchini, squash and onions – lard is awesome here – and served with a bit of GAPS-legal tomato sauce. Yum!!! It never fails to satisfy. I love crockpot beef: effortless in cooking and can be seasoned/served just about any way you want. Italian, Greek, Chinese, etc..

Sunday post
So I didn’t get to post Friday until today. It’s almost 3:30pm and both kids are sleeping. So rare! I got a lot done this weekend. And stuck to my diet!! Only bits here and there: bite of refried beans Friday night and some illegal turkey this morning. But I’ve been keeping up with my CLO, butter oil, ferments and water kefir. I also now have about 3 quarts of beet kvass to drink. I’m setting up some SK tonight plus making a batch of cheese-stuffed meatballs. I’ll be using mozzarella which I’m not sure if it is legal or not, but I’ve never had trouble with cheese. I did confirm that I cannot have cream yet: it gives me that ‘foggy’ feeling and a pain behind the eyes. I’ve got another batch of apple chips in the dehydrator (cinnamon-spiced) and I’m hoping to make some applesauce this week.

Update 10:22pm
Off to bed. All boys are asleep. Lunches are ready and so is enough food (I hope) for the week. Good night.


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