I can’t believe I didn’t blog all weekend!! I wound up leaving work around 3 on Friday and got a jump start on laundry when I got home. I cleaned and did a bit of cooking on Saturday but we ate out Friday and Saturday so we had a lot of leftovers. We grilled Sunday for late lunch and Monday for dinner. It was delicious!! I steamed my acorn squash and roasted the butternut. I made mayo and a batch of peach salsa – sooo gooood…. I made a batch of yogurt and some banana and apple chips. I wound up not making DH’s lunch today (he had 1/2 sandwich leftover from Friday) and I need to make some soup for G’s lunch tomorrow. We’ll eat leftovers tonight as well – after burgers and steaks I’m ready for a lighter dinner.

I did quite a bit of cheating over the weekend and I’m feeling the effects. Bit of dessert Friday night, coffee all weekend (with creamer), more dessert over the weekend (GAPS-legal but still…). I’m feeling a bit tired and have some ‘pain behind the eyes’. I think this is due to over indulding in coffee creamer and whipped cream. So I need a bit of a refocus right now…

I’m having the last of the coffee today (watered down) with coconut milk creamer (it has a bit of sugar but not much and I don’t sweeten the coffee when I add it). I’m back to herbal teas with ginger. I’m doing water and dairy kefir daily still. Ferments at least twice a day. Weather has cooled off a bit this week – only 60s and 70s.. makes me crave broth!! I’m defrosting a quart and will indulge tonight. G had a bit too much candy yesterday (he usually has NONE) so he was restless and didn’t go to sleep till after 11:30. I’m going to make sure he eats plenty of veggies with fat tonight and hopefully he’ll be down before 10!! As long as he doesn’t take a 3 hour nap today… sigh…

I’m getting a cleaning lady!! It’s definitely a splurge.. DH has been promising since I had 6 – yep, over 19 months ago… She’ll come twice a month and do bathrooms, vacuum and dust. Possibly change beds, too. I’m going to feel positively pampered!!! It’s going to be a big help. With fall coming I want to refocus on broth and fats, add in some supplements like CLO (which I’m still not taking regularly), butter oil capsules and dessicated liver and really start healing!! I’m hoping to have enough money to order probiotics before year-end. Right now it’s virtually impossible to do shopping, cooking and cleaning in one day and I get virtually no rest on the weekends. With a full time job outside the home that’s tiring. Hopefully with the cleaning help I can wrap up my chores on Saturday and use Sunday for other stuff – mainly relaxing!!

Update 12pm next day
I didn’t get a chance to post last night… G didn’t go down until 10:30. I was hoping for some ‘alone’ time with DH but it didn’t happen. By the time G was asleep, so was DH.. sigh…

Food diaries
B: nut butter pancakes with butter, 2 eggs over easy
L: crockpot beef, cauliflower, zucchini, squash in lard with tomato sauce and ghee, SK, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, grain free cereal, apple, yogurt/kefir (just a few mouthfuls)
D: hamburger with LF ketchup, onions in lard, 1/2 avocado, tomato, onion, LF pickles, few bites of coconut water sorbet, almond butter brownie


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