Long weekend

It’s only Thursday but I’m already looking forward to the long weekend ahead (I WOTH so this probably means more to me than a SAHM). I didn’t get a chance to clean my house much last weekend so I’m devoting Saturday to cooking and cleaning. I would like to make some LF salsa (maybe peach?) and almond butter brownies. I also have tons of apples that I’d like to dehydrate and maybe make crockpot apple sauce. And yogurt!! So I’ll be plenty busy….

There are 2 more projects I’ve been considering and I’m hoping to at least start them this weekend. One is a chart with after school chores and activities for my 7 YO. He really needs some responsibilities and his time managed while I look after G and do my things. Staring at the TV screen for 3 hours isn’t working… The other is a monthly plan of meals. I’m tired of stressing out about what to cook. I know my GAPS favorites and I know the family favorites. All I need to do is put them together and come up with a plan I can repeat monthly or so. I’m going to include GAPS items like yogurt and crockpot meats so I’ll be ready for a week’s worth of lunches on Monday morning.

Update 2:30pm
My boss just told she’s going to try and leave by 2pm tomorrow. Everyone usually leaves early before a holiday weekend… awesome!!

Update 8:45am next day
G is wearing me out!! He takes a 2-3 hour nap during the day and won’t go down to sleep until 10pm!! DH is upset and so am I… we don’t have any time to have quality time together.. I knwo he sleeps less with me on the weekends so hopefully this weekend we can find some time for ourselves.

Food diaries
B: eggs over ham (not GAPS legal – had 1 slice, 0 g sugar), zucchini pancakes with butter
L: salad (local lettuce and tomatoes, chicken, bacon (not GAPS legal – had 2 slices, not sure how much sugar but negligible), 1/2 avocado, cheese, homemade ranch), SK, water kefir with Naked juice, pineapple, kefir/yogurt (yogurt was Seven Stars Farm so not technically GAPS legal but it agrees with me – I usually use it as starter; my kefir came out very tangy (almost like the milk claberred before kefiring so I mixed in some yogurt to tame the taste), PB/tahini/butter with a touch of honey

I’m definitely back to my sausage tomorrow morning. I had ham, turkey and bacon for my guys so it was tough not to cheat. I did make a batch of my freezer bananas – basically 1/2 banana on a stick (I do only 1 serving of fruit per day due to suspected candida) in chocolate. This time I did unsweetened Ghirardelli chocolate with butter, honey and a bit of vanilla. So delicious!! My toddler loves them. I’m going to make some for the guys using semisweet chocolate chips – they don’t like dark.


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