Trying to catch up..

G woke up at 3:30 Wednesday morning with a fever. He was burning up!! I don’t think he was higher than 100/101 but he felt like a furnace. By morning he was whiny, clingy and was clearly sick. I stayed home with him. The nanny came over anyway but was of little help as G wanted nothing to do with her. He wound up sleeping for most of the day so I could work. He ate little but nursed seemed like every 2 hours.

This scenario repeated on Thursday. Usually he doesn’t run a fever for longer than 24 hours so this was clearly something different. By Thursday night I figured out he must be teething. He is 19 months and already has 16 teeth so these could only be the 2nd molars. It seemed he has permanently stuck his fingers inside his mouth and was drooling something awful. I went to work on Friday as G seemed better. The weekend was tiring but G seems almost back to normal. I did try Hyland’s teething gel but G really didn’t want my fingers in his mouth. I even bought Baby Orajel and it seemed to help a bit. I have been up every 2-3 hours for about 4 nights straight until last night. G slept much calmer and I was able to get in 4-5 hour stretch. I’m still exhausted today. We went to a friend’s pool last night and just relaxed.. it was soo nice. As a nice surprise this turned out to be a salt water pool so no chlorine smell!! Wonderful, just wonderful…

I did cheat a bit. I had a couple of potato chips and a few bites of pepperoni off of A’s pizza. My healing is definitely stalled right now. I’m not doing many ferments though I do water and dairy kefir daily. I’m not doing broth but I do cook with animal fats and eat tons of eggs. I’ve also been having a small cup of coffee the last few days…. darn. I also bought this awesome coconut water sorber: hibiscus flavor!! It’s yummy. Sweetened with fruit juice, sooo refreshing.. still illegal as it has tapioca syrup and gums. But oh so good!!!

I did cook a chuck roast in the crockpot so I have plenty of meat and some broth. I roasted a chicken and made some rice for the boys plus DH’s cucumber salad. I made it to the farmer’s market on Sat morning so I stocked up on some fruit and veggies. I have some cooked green/yellow beans and carrots in the fridge plus some zucchini ready for cooking. I shredded, salted and drained some zucchini/squash for pancakes. I have a small cauliflower ready to go. I bought lettuce for salads and I have some mayo for dressing. Not too bad!! I did do laundry but did no cleaning. G was just taking up all my time and DH was nice enough to go over next door and do some painting for my neighbor (he was gone most of the weekend). My neighbor is elderly, still working, just getting over pneumonia, his wife had a stroke recently and has a tumor – he’s had it very tough the last few years…. no money, either. This is not something that DH would typically do but he told the neighbor to give him what he could (which will basically mean working for free). I was so proud of DH and told him so. I tried to be extra patient because by Sun afternoon we were all exhausted and nerves were frayed. The pool did wonders for us!!!

So I’m going to take a breather, relax and do the best I can this week. Food is basically done and I have DH and A’s lunches planned.

Update 2:15pm
I feel so much better after my simply lunch of ground beef/eggplant casserole (intro-style though more browned than simmered in broth) and 1/2 avocado with EVOO. Avos have gone up in price so I’m rationing 1/2 a day this week. I bought the green avocado to try buy my nanny (from Peru) said they were not as good as Haas. We’ll see….

Update 4:15pm
I probably won’t post tonight. I’m hoping G will be asleep by 9 and I’m going right with him. I really need to catch up on my sleep.

Food diaries
B: eggs in ghee, sausage patty
L: ground beef/eggplant casserole, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, dairy kefir, water kefir, peach, PB/butter


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