Patience and lack thereof

I wanted to start this post off on the positive note. I’m still doing GAPS and I’m refocused to not cheat AT ALL. It’s hard in a household of picky non-GAPS eaters. I’m doing intro-type soups this week for lunches in addition to salads since I’ve been neglecting my broth. Until this weather cools down I just can’t handle any soups (it helps that my office is freezing!).

So last night A wanted chicken fingers (home cooked) for dinner. I said fine if he ate a spoon of crockpot pork (he doesn’t care for it much but that’s what we were all having for dinner) and a spoon of cabbage. He said no (of course). I said fine, he could just have the pork and cabbage with steamed buns for dinner then (typical Czech dish I cook for DH). I said he could have a spoon of green peas or onions cooked in lard instead of cabbage. He picked the onions which surprised me. I cooked him the chicken and some potatoes fried in lard. He of course ate everything but the onions, then said he was ‘full’. I insisted he finish. He had a bite and was ‘done’. Again, I insisted and he said no. We went back and forth. I tried asking, pleading, yelling, insisting, threatening, bribing, appealing to conscience…. nothing worked. I finally said I would just put it in his mouth. He of course resisted. I wound up forcefully putting the spoon in his mouth (it had some potatoes, onions and ketchup) with half falling out and the other half spilling all over the kitchen. DH came in shortly after that… I couldn’t  look at either of them or talk to anyone. I felt sick inside…. I can’t believe it’s coming to this!!! DH and I talked and we agreed ‘something’ had to be done. So he said no more ordering out (A loves chicken wings) and no more eating out on Friday unless lunches at school (4 days from home, 1 day at school) and dinners at home get eaten. The rule has been if there is a veggie (and there are usually more than one option) he has to eat 1 spoonful. Beans also count. A did do that for a couple of days but then went back to his old ways… I’m feeling a little better about it today. It’s nice to know DH is on my side. He admitted he has been ‘soft’ with A but that he can be tough if need be. Even he recognizes A only wants foods like pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. and not real home cooked food.

Update 1:25pm
I’m feeling better: both physically after lunch (I love soup!!) and after venting on the Yahoo group. The folks there are GREAT! I’m treating myself to Starbucks coffee (1/2 decaf, 1/2 regular with very little creamer and very little honey). I’m having about a cup today…

I’ve been sticking to a lot of ‘intro’ items in my daily diet. I’m drinking mostly herb/fruit teas (chamomile, mint, hibiscus/licorice, etc.) with occasional green/jasmine thrown in. I’m adding ginger to most teas though I haven’t the past few weeks. I’m adding EVOO to foods as appropriate. Once fall hits I’m back to stews and soups with tons of veggies, fat and pate. I’ve been contemplating going dairy free for 6 weeks but I’m loving my yogurt and kefir. I do not have brain fog or sinus discomfort like I used to. I’m regular with my ferments: veggies, water kefir and dairy kefir. I’m only doing a serving of fruit a day and only 1-2 tbsp of nuts (in any form) daily as well.

Update 10:30pm
A did okay today. Ate lunch at school, didn’t complain about a few green peas on his dinner plate. I’m trying to be patient… G did great as always. He loves his SK!!

Food diaries
B: beef hot dogs with mustard, pancakes with butter
L: borscht with pate, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, kimchi, water kefir, dairy kefir, PB/tahini/butter mix, grapes/strawberries
D: salmon sauteed in CO with coconut aminos, zucchini and squash in CO, green peas with butter, SK, water


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