Cool weekend

Without stressing I got a lot done this weekend. Saturday morning DH took us kayaking. It’s about a 30-45 min drive. DH and A went on a kayak while G and I walked down the riverside. It was hot but nice with plenty of shade. G loved the ducks and geese plus various watercraft on the river. Later on I wound up taking G in the kayak for a little ride down river – he loved it!! Didn’t care much for the life jacket… Then I went with A and we paddled some. There was a breeze and since the water was cold I didn’t feel the heat much…

I stuck a pork roast in the crockpot before we left so when we got back it was almost ready!! I love effortless cooking. We stopped for lunch at California Pizza kitchen (had a salad). Got laundry done and finished up the meat. I went grocery shopping Sunday morning and cooked some more. By last night I had: cooked pork with fat/broth, cabbage to go with the pork, pancakes (froze some), beef/veggie soup for G for lunch, eggplant/ground beef casserole (froze some).. that’s about it. I bought tortillas for the guys for a quick quesadilla dinner later this week (I’m planning to sneak some veggies in there).

A did better on his lunches toward the end of the week. He actually finished the lunch of PB&J, fruit and juice box. I know, it’s so far from ideal… I’m hoping that during the cold weather I can pack some warm things like meats with fat/broth… This morning he got a burger (grassfed, with coconut flour and garlic) with cheese and bacon on a small bun with ketchup plus juice box and grapes. We’ll see…. I’m planning an Applegate hot dog, pork quesadilla, PB&J, salami and cheese on crackers…. if that goes well we’re going to cut down on the carbs and focus on meat and fruit with dairy. I’m hoping to sneak some veggies into meatballs or hamburgers. I bought some full fat Greek kefir and mixed it with strawberries/bananas in my Vitamix, sweetened with Rapadura. He liked it!!

Now for me… We went out to Mexican on Friday and I wound up eating a slice of key lime pie. It wasn’t that tasty and I didn’t feel that great on Saturday. Lesson learned: not worth it. I’m backing off the coffee this week (had 1/2 cup diluted both Sat and Sun) and no illegals. I’m back to soups for lunch with pate but I’m also having salads. I stopped the inserts for the yeast infection on Friday and I seem to be fine. I’m still doing yogurt or kefir daily. I love it!!!

Update 10pm
Off to bed.. had a tough time with A tonight. I’m drained. Will write details tomorrow.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with spicy ham (not GAPS legal; I’m getting some sausage this weekend so no more illegal lunchmeat), squash pancakes with butter (I wound up using 1/2 tsp baking soda in the whole batch of pancakes which made a lot)
L: borscht with pate, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, 1/2 pickle, water kefir, dairy kefir, grapes, grain-free cereal
D: crockpost pork with fat/juices, onions sauteed in lard, cabbage, SK, water kefir, peach crumble


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