Busy, busy, busy

Things are settling into a routine. A is back in school and eager to start his chess club. We’re also looking into a science club and tennis. I’m pretty busy at work but no stress and I’m able to leave early to beat traffic. DH is back at work and actually getting projects!!

Still doing GAPS. I’m fermenting pickles, making water kefir, dairy kefir and yogurt. I’m thinking about making applesauce and apple chips for the winter. My last SK (regular, vs the red which turned out great) did not taste good. I really need to get the recipe down so I can make a bunch for the winter too. I’ve been piecing my lunches from leftovers and freezer fare. Not too bad!! I made a batch of ranch last night so I’m having salads today and tomorrow: local lettuce and tomatoes, org red onion, wild shrimp, avocado, olives, cheese… yum!!

I have to admit I’ve been having some illegals. I put the last tsp of barbecue sauce in my dressing (for BBQ ranch) and I’ve been having a bit of dark 86% chocolate for the last few nights. No bad effects that I can tell.

Update 8:50am next day
I wound up falling asleep with my toddler last night and slept from 9 to almost 11pm. When I woke up, I types something for DH really quick, brushed my teeth and hit the sack. I wound up sleeping for almost 10 hours!! Guess my body needed it….

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, sausage with fat
L: salad, kefir, peaches in ghee/butter with honey and cinnamon, PB/tahini/butter with a bit of honey
D: hamburger, zucchini, squash, onions, carrots, green beans with lard/ghee


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