Of yeast and candida

Since getting the yeast infection I’ve decided to back off ferments. For some reasons I thought they might feed the yeast?? And I’ve noticed that I haven’t had a BM in 2 days (I know, I know… I just haven’t gotten around to doing an enema but will tonight) and flatulence which I battled for months is now back (it only rears its ugly head when I eat sugar and I haven’t). So I’m back to ferments. The infection is getting better and I’m on my 3rd full day of inserts. I’m doing kefir/yogurt and water kefir daily.

Update 3pm
Whew.. had a BM. Large, which I expected. I was wondering if the stress of the last couple of days (back to school, DH not smoking, having to fix 3 lunches, etc) got to me as well as the yeast infection and cutting ferments. I hope I’m back on track!!

DH got a clean bill of health from the doctor today: that included heart, x-ray, kidneys, liver, lungs and bloodwork. I’d like to see the detail of the bloodwork. The only ‘concern’ was a ‘high’ cholesterol number of 212. What??!! I told DH 212 is not high and not to worry. I would have liked to see the breakdown so I could calculate the ratios but 212 is nothing to worry about. DH has been a non-smoker for over a week and says his taste is returning. Yay!!! He is a bit more hungry than usual. I told him to steer clear of carbs and sweets as they would make him gain weight but he’ll have to see for himself to believe it.

Update 9pm
Both kids are asleep – unheard of!! I just have to made DH’s sandwich for tomorrow and take out some chicken for dinner. Awesome!! I’ve set up another jar of pickles last night and I need to check on my water kefir batch. It seems I constantly have something brewing lately. Flatulence is really bad. I wonder why?? I had SK with lunch and pickle with dinner. I’m going to go drink some pickle juice….

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs in CO with sausage, zucchini pancakes
L: spaghetti squash, spaghetti sauce, ground beef/eggplant casserole, cauli, green beans, ghee, SK, yogurt, grapes, grain-free cereal
D: same as yesterday, few bites of watermelon, 1/2 frozen banana in CO/chocolate/coconut


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