The slippery slope of illegals

It’s so easy to just give in: bread, croissants, crackers, chips… they’re everywhere!! On TV, on the shelves, in my pantry!! I realized I’ve been giving my toddler more of these things than before… not that he had that much before to start with. But I need to stop. DH is still asking: “Why don’t you give him some bread?”, “Isn’t he having potatoes with that?”, etc, etc, ad nauseum…. He can’t even see that G doesn’t want any of these things!! Now, cookies is another thing!! But he’s happy with just one a day so I let it go.

A is back to his old stuff for lunch. He wants to eat junk at school so I said he could have lunch at school once a week – to pick his favorite meal out of the week. Yesterday he got two slices of pizza (homemade), juice box (fruit/veggie) and watermelon. He barely ate half!! He did finish it when he got home so I guess he wasn’t that hungry. We all know how GAPS kids can starve themselves!! He wanted a snack right before dinner. Riiight…. no way, buddy. He ate dinner pretty well.

I’m still battling the yeast infection. I gave up  and bought some homeopathic remedy (inserts) on Sunday and have been using them ever since. The pain is gone and itching has subsided considerably. It seems I gave this to DH. Oops… I’m easing up on ferments this week but still doing yogurt, kefir and water kefir. I think I’ll only have the one pickle today.

Update 10pm
I think I have C again, probably because I eased up on ferments. If I don’t go tomorrow, I’ll have to do an enema again. I think I’ll just go back to ferments. I made a batch of yogurt tonight.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with mustard, zucchini pancakes with butter, pickle
L: butternut squash, beef/eggplant casserole, tomato sauce, EVOO, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, watermelon, kefir, PB/butter
D: ground pork mixture with zucchini/squash/onion in lard with Parmesan cheese, 1/2 avocado with tomato, popsicle


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