I’m back…

I took a few days off from blogging. I was pretty busy at work, then wound up crashing my computer with a virus on Friday. I left early, hoping an all-computer scan would actually find something. I’ll find out tomorrow morning!

It was a crazy weekend. I came down with a yeast infection and was totally out of sorts yesterday. Felt better today: did some kefir and garlic suppositories and bought a homeopathic remedy. Starting tomorrow I’ll be prepping 3 lunches every day. DH decided he wanted to get a lunch from home so he could eat healthier. I’m allowing my 7 year old to have lunch at school once a week and I’m packing his lunch the rest of the week. He actually ate 2 green beans today – I know, 2 whole pieces!! Crazy… My toddler wouldn’t eat much today.

I should be back to my blog routine tomorrow…. hopefully.


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