Just another day…

Yep, it’s Thursday. Nothing special. Except it’s almost the weekend!!

DH is still doing great not smoking. He honestly seems the same – without the stink of cigarettes, of course! I have offered him Tic Tacs if he had cravings but I don’t think he’s been eating them. I also have not noticed him eating more. Could it be this easy? He has smoked for 20 years, at least. I’ve known him for over 13 and in that time he has switched from lights to ultra lights (really not an improvement). I think he has smoked between 10 to 12 a day. AFAIK he also has not had any coffee – he wants to quit that, too. I may have him switch to decaf before he quits completely.

A did better yesterday. I fixed croissants with salami and cheese and both guys ate them for lunch. They went out for dinner and A ate a sizable amount (grilled steak burrito with cheese sauce, rice). I’m stocking up on fruit this weekend and will start working on getting some veggies snuck in, somehow. We also need to get back to CLO (he actually likes it and will take it off the spoon with a chaser) – I’ve been really bad about forgetting. All in all things are looking up!!

Update 6:30pm
DH bought a deep fryer – the oil only goes up about 2 inches. We fried some French fries and fried Brie cheese (something he had growing in Europe). They were delicious! I used expelled pressed coconut oil and it worked very well. DH admitted he’s starting to feel hungry all the time and wants to smoke. So far he’s controlling both pretty well. I told him to snack on fatty/protein type things rather than sweet/carby things. Off to bed about 10pm tonight, hopefully…

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with bacon and ghee, pancakes with butter
L: hamburger, onion in lard, LF pickle, yogurt, cantaloupe, small decaf coffee
D: crockpot beef in ghee with veggies, LF radishes, few French fries (homemade), small coffee


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