Getting back into a routine

It’s hard. Very hard. Especially with a picky kid and a picky DH. Plus me on GAPS. At this point I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but I have to come up with a plan somehow.

I’m going to send lunches with my 7 year old for sure. Right now the items I’m thinking of are crackers with cheese and salami, hot dog (Applegate), hamburger/cheeseburger/bacon cheeseburger and pizza. All will be homemade and as ‘good’ as I can make them so he’ll eat them. I bought some fruit/veggie juice boxes at Costco – not ideal but will work. Also Annie’s fruit snacks and bunny snacks – again, not ideal, but will work for convenience, are organic and not too bad ingredient-wise. Also fresh fruit and hopefully raw milk. Yogurt, too, though his favorite brand is lowfat which I hate. I have not found a full fat yogurt he’ll eat. I might have to look again. A has gained a bit of weight over the summer – all due to carbs and sugar. I know I’ll have to fight him over breakfast – he wants cereal and donuts. I already said I’m not buying any more cereal and he didn’t like the grain-free version I made (he only had one bite). Tough. We’ll be having my regular fare: eggs, bacon and/or sausage or hot dogs. I’ll be sneaking in ghee as I can. He likes pistachios but not other nuts. I’m going to try almond flour pancakes again. And I made some GF waffles. Also smoothies, if I can get him to drink them. He is such a GAPS child – even DH notices. But he won’t give a good example which I know is hurting A. DH is also a carb and meat guy – barely any fruits or veggies or dairy. He actually quit smoking today and after we go through the stash of sweets he brought back from Europe I’m not buying anymore. Sigh… right now this seems like an insurmountable mountain….

Update 3pm
Thinking back I think I see why I might be feeling bad today. I had a bite of a macadamie nut brownie yesterday – regular stuff, not GF. I think it might be affecting me this way.. usually I get a headache and/or stomachache but after GAPS who knows?? I’m making up a bunch of chocolate-covered bananas so that will be my go-to treat. DH went to the doctor today to do a physical so we’ll see how he fares. I can’t wait to have junk out of the house again. I’m thinking I’ll bake up some GAPS treats over the weekend so the boys can have them and I won’t be tempted to cheat.

Update 9:30pm
I’m off to bed early… I finished the brownie – it was awesome! Back on track tomorrow. I don’t think I ate enough meat or fat today but I’m too wiped out to eat anything else. I’m having sausage or beef in the morning and burgers for lunch. Yum!!


3 responses to “Getting back into a routine

  1. Hi Magda,
    Got here from the link you left on GAPShelp yahoo group.

    Just wanted to mention that I noticed Annie’s bunny stuff sometimes has “yeast extract” or something similar in the ingredients, which I’ve heard is just another name for MSG (or virtually the same as MSG), so no good. (Sorry to burst your bubble if you’ve been relying on Annie’s!)


  2. Thanks Mike. I’ll check the ingredients list. I just found out I can’t send fruit snacks as a ‘snack’ to school and I’d rather send fresh fruit for lunch so I may not buy those anymore.

  3. It was actually the “cheddar bunnies” that I noticed the yeast extract on, not the fruit snacks or the more cookie-like “bunny grahams”.

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