Big weekend!

My boys are coming back this weekend! My 7 year old has been spending his summer vacation with my inlaws in Czech Republic. DH went up there 3 weeks ago and they’re both coming back tomorrow. I can’t wait!! It was so quiet without A. Nice, but I miss him.

I’m going to the market tomorrow to stock up on few things, especially for school lunches and for DH’s lunches. I’m also planning to cook, clean and do some laundry. Then I have to be at the airport by 6:30!

Not much is happening regarding GAPS these days. I’ve fallen into a routine – that will have to be adjusted a bit when the boys come back. I’m still craving beef like crazy and chicken is way too ‘bland’. I’m going to listen to my body and eat beef. I’m sure glad I bought that 1/2 cow a few months back!! I’m trying to cook more with lard and may try tallow soon. Hopefully my taste buds have changed enough that I can now stomach it. I can’t wait for fall. There will be fewer fruits around – and those that are I can cook into fruit sauce!! I’m also planning to drink more broth. I would also like to branch out into more soups but this 100 degree weather we’re having is not giving me much incentive. I will definitely try in the fall.

Update 10:45pm
I managed to vacuum the whole house and wipe dust. I changed the sheets and did a load of laundry. Not bad!! I have a plan for food for the weekend and a shopping list for the farmer’s market. Off to bed… may not blog till Sunday!

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with ketchup, pancakes with butter
L: borscht with beef and pate, pickles, red SK, water kefir, yogurt, apple, PB/butter, coconut peach muffins
D: meatballs in tomato sauce, lard, beans and carrots cooked in broth, 1/2 banana in chocolate, cheddar cheese, few bites of grain-free cereal, SK


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