Why can’t I learn?

I defrosted a square of GF banana bread for G 2 days ago. And last night I had a few bites. Big mistake: headache, fogginess, stomachache at 3am… not good. Why can’t I learn that my body just can’t handle grains right now? I think I finally got it through my thick head that I will probably have to throw out all those frozen GF treats before I’m able to eat them. I’m coming to terms with that…

Also, it seems every tiny bit of sugar (think 1 TicTac or 2 slices of bacon which have 0g of sugar per serving) are still producing quite a bit of gas in me. So I’m nixing those too.

Update 10pm
I’ve had flatulence all evening. I think it’s from the bacon – it’s the only thing I’ve had that has any sugar. Usually the gas comes after I eat sugar – even the tiniest amount. I’ll have to stock up on sausage for my breakfasts. G was whiny this evening for no apparent reason. He’s down for the night and I’m going, too. Last night we had a big storm with thunder and lightning and I was up between 2:45 and almost 4am. Needless to say, I woke up groggy this morning. Off to bed….

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with bacon, zucchini pancakes
L: broth with pate, squash leek soup with beef and fresh basil, 1/2 avocado, small tomato, kimchi, yogurt, strawberries, PB/butter
D: crockpot beef, carrots, green beans and yellow wax beans cooked in broth with lard and tomato sauce, pickles, yogurt, water kefir, 2 macaroons, peach in ghee with cinnamon, 3 squash pancakes


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