What a difference a day makes!

I am feeling so much better today!! I had the last of my coffee this morning so no more until this weekend (possibly). I wound up having 3 BMs yesterday!! But… the last night, late at night, could have been due to something I ate. I felt fine after dinner and was enjoying my coffee when I remembered I didn’t take my BO capsules or my CLO. So I took both and added 2 liver capsules (I’ve been wanting to get back to those after stopping them for intro). Within a few minutes I felt nauseous!! I have not had that reaction to BO or CLO, ever, and I’ve been taking them for weeks! This time it was Blue Ice CLO, not the Twinlab, but I’ve had it before. Could it be the liver capsules?? I’ll take everything tonight again and see what happens…

Update 10:30pm
Just took the CLO and BO capsules. I must say the Twinlab CLO tasted fishy but now the Blue Ice just tastes plain nasty!! Oh well… we’ll see if I get the nausea again. No BM today… I tried. G didn’t go down till 10 so I’m beat.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with mustard, zucchini pancakes with butter
L: squash soup with leeks, beef and pate plus EVOO, kimchi, pickles, kefir, smoothie, grapes, PB/cashew butter/butter
D: stir fry (beef, broccoli, peppers, zucchini, squash in CO and ghee with coconut aminos), SK, avocado with EVOO and lemon juice, fermented soda with stevia (store-bought), coconut flour peach muffins (3 mini), macaroon, GAPS-legal coconut chocolate candy


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