Late posts…

It seems my posts have not been publishing… hmm…. I just published the last 2 so hopefully this will not happen again.

Update on the Diva Cup… doing well. I took it out twice yesterday and both times it was barely 1/4 full. It held well during the night, with only minimum spotting (I think this is due to a not-quite perfect fit). Today I took it out after about 6 hours and it was almost 1/2 full!! I still can’t believe how comfortable it is. I cannot feel it AT ALL. Due to Aunt Flo I’m feeling kinda bloated today and just not that good overall. I have a slight headache, too. I really want some coffee right now. I may stop at Starbucks on the way home….

The Italian stir fry was wonderful yesterday!! I’ll probably have the leftovers tonight, along with the carrots and ghee. I still have crockpot beef frozen so I may take it out and do a hash or something. I have a quart of raw milk defrosted so I will be setting up the yogurt this weekend. I’m planning on stocking up on cream next weekend so I’ll be adding it to the next batch. I can’t wait!! I hope my boys like it.

Update 10:45pm
Off to bed… feeling a bit better but I’m craving beef. After eating so much of it for the past 2 weeks chicken seemed so… bland… and boring. I want beef!!! Have a pretty full weekend planned: haircut, shopping at Costco in addition to cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. I want to make a squash soup with sauteed leeks and onions. And I’m craving some greens…

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with butter and mustard, zucchini pancakes
L: squash soup with beef casserole (pretty good combined!), kimchi, salad with ranch dressing (local lettuce and tomato – simple and delicious), smoothie, water kefir, peach, 1/2 carrot muffin with butter (I’m officially out of muffins so will be baking something this weekend!)
D: Italian stir fry from yesterday, boiled carrots with ghee, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, SK, water kefir, weak coffee with creamer and honey, 1/2 frozen banana in chocolate, 1/2 popsicle, macaroon, some Fritos (darn it…)


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