I have to brag… (another fridge part)

About my baby! G is 18 months old and such a good eater lately. He really always has been!! I thought my older son (now 7 years old) was voracious when it came to nursing… G can barely wait when I get home to put down my purse and take off my shoes before he’s lifting up my shirt and making a beeline for the bedroom !!! He’s too cute. We nurse while laying down and I found the easiest way is to lay on my back and have him lay over me. He will just look at me, play with my ear/earring and nurse. Soo precious!!

Last night we ate roasted chicken, creamed spinach (with tons of butter and sour cream in it) and zucchini/squash sauteed in lard. He also made sure every other spoon was SK !!! He loves it, even the red SK that we’re currently doing. It’s a bit ‘sharp’ from the fresh ginger, but he still scarfs it down. He eats about 1 tbsp at breakfast and more like 2 tbsps at dinner. He still loves his rice pasta, potatoes sauteed in lard and rice (gets these very rarely) but otherwise is not interested in mashed potatoes, bread, etc. Likes cookies but will do with macaroons. Likes cereal but will take raisins just as well. I hope to stick with GAPS for him for a long, long time. He has very mild eczema on his torso – barely visible bumps – and I hope that clears up eventually. He seems to be digesting fairly well though sometimes there are pieces of veggies in his stool. He poops 3 times a day, every day, on the dot. No C, no D. Ever. How awesome is this kid??? My older started out that way but his taste buds changed and I ‘gave up’. I won’t with G, especially now that I’m on GAPS.

Here is the next shot in my fridge series:

Top shelf, from the left: DH’s beloved ranch dressing – I really hope he gives this up!!!, Grey Poupon mustard, Czech mustard (it has glucose syrup in it … ???), peach butter. In the back is organic lemon juice, ACV, raw ACV with bay/spices and hot sauce.

Bottom shelf, from the left: caramel sauce (leftover from my son’s class – I’ll toss this and make my own), water kefir grains, GF soy sauce (for the family), butter oil capsules (I’m attempting to heal a forming cavity). In the back is rice wine vinegar, mystery bottle (coconut aminos?? – I’ll take a peek at it when I get home and update tonight), hot sauce, GAPS legal mustard, horseradish and organic lime juice. Not terrible, right?? Mostly GAPS legal and I’m not tempted by what’s not. I have alternatives and I use them. I’m really hoping to have DH and older son eating homemade ranch so I can toss those bottles. YUCK!! My MIL actually has me send her the stuff since the dressings in Europe are so different. Blech… they also like Hershey’s chocolate and caramel syrups. Oh well…. I really need to make my own so I can quit buying the stuff with HFCS.

Update 10pm
The mystery bottle in the door is indeed coconut aminos – I love that stuff!! So yummy…
I’m kinda beat today. Just finishing up cleaning the kitchen, watching a bit of Food Network then off to bed.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, gravlox with EVOO, pancakes with butter
L: hamburger, onions sauteed in lard, avocado with EVOO, kimchi, tomato and 2 leaves of lettuce (both local and awesomely good), veggie soup thinned with broth and extra chicken fat off the top, water kefir/mineral water, kefir, apple, PB/AB/butter mix
D: little bit of everything: yesterday’s leftovers, small apple, macaroon, popsicle, few bites of cheddar


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