Tired and yawning (and fridge – part 2)

I’ve gotten into a bad habit. Two, actually… I’ve been going to sleep past 11pm, instead of 10 to 10:30 timeframe. And I’ve been eating the whipped cream again. The canned stuff…. I hate throwing the stuff away but I may actually do it. I just can’t stay away!!

I’m tired this morning and yawning. G was up early this morning so I think he’ll go down early tonight – he was asleep by 9 pm last night which was nice. I should have gone to bed earlier!! I treated myself to a small coffee on Saturday and I may get another one today.

Speaking if G, he’s been asking for SK and CLO lately!! Any time I open the fridge, he rushes to it and points to the CLO bottle!! I actually gave him 2 tsps yesterday since he was actually crying for it. Wow… he also loves his SK. I started putting some on his breakfast plate and the nanny commented how he goes for the SK first (she’s from Peru and didn’t even know what SK was!). I gave him some water kefir yesterday. I fermented it for a long time so it was pretty sour. I mixed it with some water but he didn’t even flinch drinking it!! How awesome is this child?? He’s been eating beef with fat, cauli mixed with fats, avocado, ghee on his pancakes and hot dogs, SK…. I’m loving it.

Update 3:30pm
Treated myself to Starbucks today. I hate their overpriced drinks – and it’s too much sugar anyway. So I just got the biggest decaf they had. I had about half so far (with creamer and honey) and will enjoy the rest tonight. I just realized I had no BM yesterday so I might be doing an enema tonight. Arghh….

Update 10pm
Had a good evening. Here is the second photo in my fridge series:

Top shelf, left side: bottom is some leftover guac, topped with a container of onions sauteed in lard. Next to it is a bag of squash fries I had leftover from a while back (baked in CO they are phenomenal!). Next is Seven Acre Farm – my favorite yogurt. Oops, just realized it’s Seven STARS Farm… I’ve been calling it the wrong name!! My yogurt maker came today so I hope to use this as starter. You can see a cauliflower peeking out the back. There is also a pot of stock in the back there… somewhere… Ok, bottom shelf. Up front are two bowls: creamed spinach and asparagus – I had to toss the asparagus (went bad). There are some hamburgers (raw) on the plate balanced on to of a jar of radishes. Some wonderful local pastured eggs on the right. In the back is some spaghetti sauce (GAPS legal), mineral water, capers and ranch dressing ( a friend of DH’s brought it one time when we were grilling steaks for everybody. I’ll probably toss it since it’s crap and DH doesn’t like this brand (Newman’s Own). In the very back are some GF flours and seeds that I hope to use up in the future… maybe. (I also remembered there is a jar of tahini in there I better use up and some coconut vinegar). Hope you enjoyed!! There is more to come…

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with mustard and butter, pancakes with ghee
L: hamburger with ketchup and mayo, SK, tomato, veggie soup with pate, yogurt (Seven Acre Farm – haven’t gotten my yogurt maker yet), 1/2 local peach, 1/2 carrot muffin with butter, water kefir/water
D: Italian stir fry: chicken, zucchini, squash, peppers, tomatoes, garlic – cooked in ghee and olive oil, creamed spinach, popper bana (I make mine out of 1/2 a banana), couple chocolate mint macaroons, coffee


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